Almost every aspect of sound this patch is worse

Please, the sound changes that were put in this patch.

In 95%+ of cases, everything that was silent in 2.0.12 is still silent in 2.0.13, and all the things that were too loud before are now louder than ever which drowns out all the things that you want to hear.

  • Gunners and Warpfires spawning in? Absurdly loud, and does not need to be even half as loud as they are. Were they silent before? Yes, periodically. Were they the primary issue? No.

  • Stormfiend’s spawning in significantly louder? I don’t even know why this was done, but I guess it’s nice?

  • Leaches spawning in louder? This is actually nice, since they were occasionally silent.

  • Assassins and hookrats? Still exactly the same as 2.0.13. Just as prone to silence.

  • Beastmen suddenly growing 10kg hooves - but only once you’ve seen them - resulting in them causing EVEN MORE AUDIO CLUTTER? Not needed. Not even a little bit. They already had the most ambient noise of all 3 factions, and now they’re even louder, and more prone to drown out everything else. Beastmen hordes still spawn silently, and remain silently until you see them. This is unacceptable.

Out of everything, the only good sound changes from this patch that I’ve been able to see are leaches, voice lines, and… I guess stormfiends? But the overall gameplay aspect of the sound this patch is atrocious and needs to be reverted either to 2.0.12 or back to 1.7.


I just want to add that while I know the devs are working on finding out what’s wrong with sound, investigating, and fixing it… it needs to be a priority, and I cannot stress this next point enough: Sound in this patch, and throughout WoM, is the worst it has ever been in this Vermintide 2.

Minotaur sounds are a good change, I think I only encounter once since the patch. But my god every time I hear the Gunner stinger sound, I think I stumbled upon one around a corner about to shred me to pieces, but no, it’s just spawning in somewhere distant. The spin-up and stinger sound are just too similar. Fire Rats didn’t need a stinger anyway since they always make noise as they approach and the voice line should warn you of that approach.


I also have the feeling the backstab sound issues are even worse than they were before. (playing too late). Since 2.0.13 I’ve also seen them getting played while there was no enemy close at all.

And those are completely pointless in the first place, the old ones were fine. This is like "Wtf is the sound ?.. where is the ratling… I have no fu… clue… why do I hear some new different loud sound again ?.. "

The issue, imo, was that actually flamers, leeches and ratlings would do so much noise (when close) that ppl couldn’t hear the assasinss or hookrats.

I did thought many times that stuff is not making sound, something is broken etc. Just to watch the recording and notice that the sounds were there, but were so hard to hear over everything else.

Like if I am getting flamed in the corner, it’s close to impossible to hear other stuff properly.

I think they should remove the new far_away ratling & flamer sound, that is just clutter and same goes for the beastmen horde, that’s as bad as it possibly can be - provides no useful information whatsoever, is loud and also irritating and distracting on top of all that.

I really hope that they act in timely manner… and as you say, just revert this. Like right on next Monday, remove these 3.

I actually agree that the Gunner and Flamer changes were not needed. I never had any problems hearing them and player callouts for them have always felt consistent in the vast majority of situations.

Hookrat and Assassin were the ones that needed boosting. Personally I don’t have issues hearing them with my setup but apparently some people feel like they’re totally silent nearly all the time. Not my experience at all. However they should’ve boosted these two along with Leech because of their inherent disabling behavior.

I actually think that the Chaos Spawn needs a tweaked stinger over the Stormfiend as those are the bosses that I find routinely ambushing the party extremely suddenly. The Stormfiend moves so slow that the traditional callouts and music work well with it in terms of making you aware one has spawned.

The Thrasher on the other hand moves so damn fast that often it’ll be up in your business before his stinger fully plays in certain situations.

I have never had any problems with the Roger. However the Minotaur has similar problems as the Thrasher does so I’m glad that they tweaked him.

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