Game audio being controlled by a system that determines what we should hear should be junked

turns out, ALL of our newer-ish audio problems is this system implemented by devs that controls what they think is priority or “game changing specials” and it turns them up and muffles all other audio

this is a horrible system that needs to go. i get it, someone had an idea somewhere thats fine. but it is a major problem rn and everyone is having a bad time because of it. when this game launched, these systems weren’t a thing? idk, but audio was fine.

jus play all audio everywhere all the time and let the gamers figure out what is priority. like i said in the post i linked, its literally a skill that players develope. what the game maker thinks is priority or game changing is probably not. we would much rather hear the trapper/poxburster than the ragers and horde. or w/e



serious. pub in my game jus said “i think im not hearing specials or something”


To the contrary i’m pretty sure this kind of thing is fundamentally required otherwise the audio-mixing would simply turn into paste. The problem isn’t that the game has an audio engine but that the audio engine is fooping itself right now


this “fooping” has caused me to not complete my true solo hab dreyko :slight_smile:

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The game also wasn’t as intense as it is now back at launch. There was no auric and the director wasn’t as juiced as it is now. There’s probably a type of race condition that happens when three flamers and two trappers spawn in simultaneously you hear a very loud “Oh it’s about to get hot!” But don’t expect to get netted. But as @Reginald said if they all played at once then you probably wouldn’t know what you had coming anyway as it would sound like mush.

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audio engine getting overwhelmed is one thing. this was something in v2 as well. but we dealt with that jus fine. instead of audio being turned down intentionally based on someone else priority, let us decide.

no matter what happens, the way it is handled now is very bad

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Guess i might have to bite the bullet and get spidey sense and just turn off every notification besides the burster.

I dont really want to use this mod, but i REALLY dont want to deal with silent poxbursters jumping at me from around corners for the duration of Pinguis Pistris’s christmas vacation, not to mention how long its gonna take them to fix it once they are back in office.

I was hoping for a patch to fix it before christmas, but that seems unlikely.

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It wasn’t perfect, lack of proper backstab sounds was a major problem.

Until the class rebalance patch Darktide’s audio wasn’t great, BUT it was far better than what we have now. I don’t understand why it takes so long for the devs to react to this close to game breaking issue from the gameplay perspective.

Until this is fixed I ended up using:

Information overload, game intensity can still result in getting jumped by specials, especially those which spawn around a near by corner, but this actually works fairly well.

If anyone has hearing issues, I really recommend this also as an accessibility tool.

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This could be circumvented by doing what they said they were going to do and reducing the number of specials and elites.

Meanwhile Damnation is a f*cking clown car where you get blobs of eight ragers or gunners or shotgun dudes wandering in at once, and specials are at least 2 at a time almost every time like it’s STG forever.

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I particularly love the constant Mutie train that drown out any specialists audio cues with their incessant yelling from their spawnpoint to wherever the target player is

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Hate how cheaty this tool is. A lot of visual noise as well.

Trappers, and backstab warnings have a 50% sound spawn rate though, so… guess its staying installed.

Even with spidey sense which works by detecting when the sound director attempts to make a sound I’ve had trappers show up with zero warning including the mod meaning the director didn’t even try to warn the player.

Its a karking mess this much is certain.

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I don’t really buy into this “cheat” argument. If audio played as expected, you would get this information presented through your headphones and ears instead of your monitor and eyes. It’s hard to miss those sounds, ASSUMING they play.

I would imagine the mod updates at specific time interval, so if the director decides to spawn a mob really close to you, you might have no chance to see that info on screen.

The game has all those systems which are supposed to make it skill based, all those bugs, inconsistencies and design omissions, break that experience. I suppose a lot of casual players don’t care, connect the dots or even notice.


I agree with this. But at the moment for SOME enemies its entirely required if you’re doing more difficult challenges. I was trying out Telopots’s True Duo damnation monstrous specials with a friend of mine. Silent or near silent bursters with weird super distant audio are just such a problem we decided to install this mod just for them. Since you can choose which enemies are the problem you can choose JUST those ones and not be cheating for stuff that isn’t bugged.

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Yeah, honestly that just seems like a great tool (especially for the hearing impaired) – how else are those folks supposed to know specials are even around without seeing them?

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i know about that mod and all other mods for the most part, thanks for suggesting it either way, its a pretty good mod. cant use it though. or dont want to is more accurate.

i got a thing that makes sound when poxxers spawn but even with that, audio is so incredibly dogsht right now, it doesnt even matter. until audio dude figures out whats really going on, guess i jus eat sht to them

I have trappers, hounds, boomy lads, and all the arsonist squad active on my mod. No mutants, or any elites.

Mutants seem to spawn in 5s lately, and I can’t be bothered to have my screen covered in a pulsing halo.

The anti backstab definitely helps as well. It does not play most at LEAST half the time as Telopots video showed. Absolute death sentence on a ranged build for vet.

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I said that before and say it again, half of the Darktide difficulty is caused by bugs and engine issues. Some of it is also caused by poor game performance, and its brown upon brown colour pallet. Really “helpful” when DLSS and FSR remove detail.

VT2 had plenty of those issues too, together with its floaty melee combat enemies, with their silly lunges which can hit you outside their actual melee weapon reach.

I don’t have high hopes that Fatshark will resolve many of those issues any time soon, if at all in some cases. It seems to be beyond their ability and care. One can only wonder if the way they manage their company has also something to do with how those issues tend to be ignored for such long time. People suggested before the company has a fairly flat management structure. No idea if that is true or lies behind why some of those issues remain unresolved.


the sound design they use is normal, it’s just the way it’s functioning right now is bogus af. it’s supposed to be layered, and if done well, you should be able to hear everything, just more subtle at certain times depending on what’s happening.

the way it is now, it’s like there’s a limit and it bugs out once that limit is hit. if it is working as intended right now, there should still be a minimum threshold for elite enemy sounds, regardless of how far away it is or how many enemies are on the screen. that’s pretty whack if they’re treating it like, “well, there’s a lot of sounds going on so disabler sounds are just being muffled out”, because that’s absolute horse s#!+.

there are a lot of bugs and issues that should have been fixed a long-ass time ago, but this is one of the most annoying since it can end missions.


Don’t care really what the issue is anymore but they need to get this sorted asap. Silent maulers/ragers/crushers was a one thing, and granted really annoying one, but nowadays i can literally have poxbursters jumping out of thin air without making a single sound the entire way.

I’m beating a dead horse at this point but once again this was also a frequent issue with vermintide 2 patches. Its insane to me how this can still be something being struggled over after 10 years of messing with the 2 games sound engines.