Game audio being controlled by a system that determines what we should hear should be junked

It does, employees (former and current) talk about it on Glassdoor reviews.

I have noticed it too recently, and it kills me inside…

So many specials just literally do not make any sound, so many people died because they haven’t heard them.
And the worst offendor is Pox Buster. Oh my god, I hate them with passion now.

They gave the Pox Busters the movie-like silencer, and it worked so gloriously good it’s actually amazing.

I have no idea, why are they doing it, why are they changing this, this changes nothing, it makes nothing feel better, and you already know what - IT MAKES THINGS WORSE

(also, as a little side note, I am and my friend are noticing little performance issues)

Ok, maybe I am overreacting, maybe if we wait a little, everything will actually be better.

But what is wierd to me, is why they didn’t, like, rolled back this change after recieving nothing but negative feedback?
You know, to make it better and not make us suffer through this bug-like feature?

This whole thing feels so unnecessery, previous system was fine, unless… It wasn’t?

So, maybe I am crazy, insane even, but I remember there was an issue with audio, if there were too much sound, some other sounds would be silent. (maybe somebody already said it, but oh well)

I found what I was looking for.
Look into this Bug Report:

The issue of having no sound is worse then having a little, lesser of two evils you might say.
So, rollback is pretty much out of the question…

In conclusion, people who said that Audio System was bad before - were right, and right now all we have left is having to deal with those sneaky Pox Busters and trust that FatShark will fix it :pray:

Twitch LUL

. . .

Being completely incapable of hearing stacked specials, silent bursters, silent netters, and this jacked up directional sound that makes it incapable of me to tell special direction is insane.
As well as that god awful muffling that happens when multiple “”““priority””“” enemies are near each other.

We still don’t have z axis sound distance detection. If something is 4 stories above you it sounds like it’s right next to you. I put in a few tickets… But it’s been a year )=

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I’d like to point out that 3D audio apps were working great before and now… not so much.

RE: SPIDEYSENSE: I appreciate the modders work, but I draw the line on getting mods to fix things that devs HAD working but broke at some point.

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Isn’t spideysense just visualize the already existing sound that you suppose to hear but didn’t because the entire thing is borked? seem pretty fair to me.

The only difference is the output which is visual instead of audio. Unless you think using your ear to react required more skill than visual indicator or something.

I didn’t try it out yet though since I think it might be a bit too clutter to my liking.


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