BW teleport, stuck in the wall

Teleported near the wall on Convocation of Decay, right after the drop down from the main church area. That little room that normally has a potion sucked me in and up into the roof. The WHC was generous enough to put me out of my misery.

Are you aware of the spot or do you need a Screen shot from outside?

This actually happens in other maps as well. Athel Yenlui and Righteous Stand were ones that I saw, was able to confirm the exact spot it happened in Righteous stand. As for Athel yenlui, I wasn’t able to find the spot I was stuck (and fell off the map) but I was able to find multiple places that I can clip through.

It seems to happen in gaps in geometry that can only be entered with BW teleport.


Hey, btw I found more spots in convocation of decay with this issue.

this spot I couldn’t even teleport so I had to die.

second spot, very close by to the first spot. both are ceilings where the stairs are located.

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Sorry, I’ll be posting more places on this post here related to being “stuck” with the battle wizard if that doesn’t bother you OP.

This one happened in Against the Grain, right at event zone. BW got stuck, was able to get herself free by overheating herself.
For some reason her character model stayed invisible just like in the screenshot until she got killed.

In every one of these cases it happened while the BW casted Firewalk while aiming at the sky for maximum firewalk distance.

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Not at all, hopefully with more evidence they can track down the spots and see what is going wrong.

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