Does anyone actually enjoy the riveting game design of having 6 blightstormers spawn at once for a chest of trials?

It really is some high quality gameplay up there with the rings in Superman 64. Great work dev who thought up that idea.


I think this question applies to literally the entire chaos wastes update

I cant even remember how many times my party got wiped by a stack of warpfire rats in tight corridors or when we had a blobbed up doomstack of banner monkeys both often mixed with random disablers to really rub it in

Dying to banner+armored goats + other spawns is one thing but heck, dying to the firerat trial is kinda disgraceful more than anything :sweat_smile:

That one is like the goat archers or blightstomer trials, just silly and easy filler…or that´s how they should be anyhow.

It’s pretty bad when you don’t have a clean shot at them. What I do is run far away from the chest. They often spawn in a distance away from the chest, so you can melee them even if you find the spot. Then just be sure you have an exit at your back and you typically won’t get stuck with no way but to get sucked in. Still, it isn’t always possible when you drop down to a chest and they can find their way behind you too.

Less than two Stormers for each player - sounds fair to me.

That’s a willfully myopic view if you’ve ever played the game. It’s very easy for just two blightstormers to get going at a distance while the only players capable of shooting them are unable to get off an accurate shot. Then, the view gets obscured by the blightstorm and next thing you know, other specials are spawning with a horde and you’re kiting to the bitter end with trash boons.

Also, I don’t have a huge problem with the trial in this instance, it’s just that blightstormers themselves are kinda silly with how often they can end up in a spot you can’t shoot them while they attack. The key is to make sure you’re in the best spot you can be when the chest goes off. Most of the time on Legend, seems like players huddle around the chest and get cornered when the kiting becomes necessary.

I just hate how their line of site > your line of sight. All they need is a crack in a wall or a feather of Krubers fancy hats sticking out and its an instant starting cast. Also not a fan of how far away they can cast from.