Blightsormers have some isues

There are different bugs and inconsistencies with the Blightstormers. I will explain three different cases: The first two can be considered “cheating” on their part, and the last plays at their disadvantage.

Case 1: Casting though walls, doors and other obstacles

Sometimes, blightormers, still cast through obstacles. It is not as frequent as in the pre-launch beta, but it still happens sometimes. One of the most notable is the door that leads to the mid stage boss in Skittergate. Not the one you open after the fight, but the one you circumvent.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play Skittergate
  2. Survive until the fight with Bodvarr
  3. Have a blighstormer spawn in the arena as you are nearing it and cast a storm though the closed door.

Please note that this is not the only place where it happens, but i think it’s the easiest one to reproduce

Reproduction Rate: Rare (< 10%)

Case 2: Casting from too far away, unreachable by players

This one is more common and concerning: When the level design allows it, blightstormers sometimes cast from so far away they cannot be pinged and sometimes they cannot even be hit by players. When this happens, it usually combines with the first issue, having multiple obstacles between the fat bastard and the players (trees, and other scenario props).
Some of the levels are:

  • Athel Yenlui: the big open part with the first books
  • War Camp: the area with the second grimoire
  • Skittergate: wide open areas in Norsca
  • Fort Brachenbrücke: the area between the second tome and the first grim
  • Against the Grain, in its many open spaces, although here there are fewer obstacles in general
  • Festering Ground: Open forest near the end

Reproduction Rate: Unusual (< 25%)

Case 3: Spawning so close to players they are pointless

When navigating through tight spaces (Blightreaper dark area, Hunger in the Dark mines, etc, blightstormer spawns are pointless. To even be able to cast the storm they need to be so close they spawn literally in the player’s very noses. Replacing those spawn “slots” to other enemies would be better (leeches, for example, would work better and be similar)

Reproduction Rate: Often (< 75%) but only in tight spaces

Aye, on maps like Athel Yenlui and War Camp, they spawn so far away you can barely see them with the elf longbow zoom.

They also seem to always spawn in pairs of 2. Two storm guys and two grabbing ones.

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