Blight stormers on skitter gate

i recently have notcied that most of the specials that spawn during the first boss on skitter gate spawn behind walls and cant be shot. it has happened everytime i run that mission. mostly blight stormers tho where they cast the storm and you cant see them until they teleport close to you. i dont know if this a nwe ‘‘mechanic’’ added to make the first boss harder or not. but its honestly really annoying.

That isn’t a new “Mechanic” just an very old Problem in general.

People have been calling for blightstormers to require LOS to call storms since beta.

Yeah, problem since forever, it just is especially bad at that spot. Especially since they seem to always cast the largest possible storm, avoiding it in that arena is just impossible sometimes.

What I’ve noticed is they seem to have LoS, but if it looks like they’re obstructed there’s actually a tiny slit or hole that they can see through that we don’t notice.

So while they probably do have LoS, the degree of LoS should be a bit more reasonable.

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