Horde spawns and specials

Fix this spawning thing where hordes, specials, patrols and even bosses spawn on top of you!

Getting a bit tired to see this stuff ruin otherwise perfect run. They just can’t spawn on your face like this. Having a horde spawn around you out of thin air when you exit elevator or just stand in empty room is stupid. Same goes with anything else that spawn like this.

Not much fun when you run 3+2 legend and suddenly chaos patrol spawns around your team. No matter how good you are, you ain’t gonna escape from that. Instant damage is so high.

Had rat ogre spawn literally on top of me yesterday. GL avoiding that overhead smash that you can’t even block…


I Agree.
At the end on Righteous Stand the hordes and specials literally spawns right in front of you, you can see them just teleportation in. And it’s not that the room is lacking holes or areas where they can spawn out of sight.
Spawing enemy’s need some work.

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