DEV's pls respond to at least one Special Spawn thread

There are about 50 of them. I (maybe we) would like to at least know that you are aware of this or think maybe its working as intented or in fact a bug.

I’m sure I will get a lot of people saying that they devs know, but until I see one thread response I will be not convinced. If I’m wrong pls show me where the devs have responded this. I am aware in the recent patch notes that they said the multiple special disablers have been reduced, but many of the threads about this seem to disagree.

edited to add a “not” where one should have been, and I mispelled thread

Special spawn is only an issue when it spawns two sets of them in a row in enclosed areas or corridors, where you just stand still and shoot them down as they appear as if they were a shittier horde.

The real issue in this game, on Legend mode, is the patrols first and foremost. They are broken in so many ways. Losing single guys along their route which pulls the whole patrol if attacked, popping out of thin air, being merged into a single point, being completely silent, being stuck across your path, having ridiculously short routes through must-cross areas turning this game into the world’s shittiest stealth game.

I swear if patrols were fixed, I would easily triple my Legend success rates.

I hear ya, but I would like to know what the devs think on this, just a simple “we are aware of the perceived issue and are looking in to it” would give me some comfort. Silence makes my mind wonder a bit to much.