Righteous Stand Arena Spawnkills (video proof)

Since the beginning of the balance beta, the enemy spawn in the arena of Righteous Stand is messed up. I am talking about the spawns in the right hallway, where usually chaos infantry spawns, then some rats with plaguemonks and chaos infantry again. Those spawns are either spawnkilled or dont spawn at all. Throughout the beta, this problem didnt get fixed at all and its even a thing now on the live version, but somehow, nobody is talking about this.

What exactly is happening here?

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people don’t usually like to raise a stink when a bug makes the game easier. Shame.

Seems like it, because absolutely no one is talking about it. Not here, not on reddit, not on the steam forum.

In fairness I only learned that it was a thing from j_shat’s stream. It’s really not obvious in the heat of the moment.

Maybe, but it should be fairly obvious, when the first chaos wave only comes from one hallway. Its not even a stressfull situation. Usually the players clean up the arena before starting the event and between the start and the spawn of the enemys is enough time to settle anywhere and get ready. Maybe most players didnt even play Righteous Stand at all, because they always got Pit/Blightstormer/Skittergate in QP.

i actually don’t like this bug at all. It’s not easier its just more boring and tend to creat more friendly fire. the OG version of this “arena” was a lot better. but it does not seem a acknowledged bug so far so… who knows

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I still think we need a monster spawn in there to spice things up a bit.
The coded spawns are also not helping a little RNG would help here.

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This so much. The fight needs a rat ogre or something, and the wave spawns shouldn’t be so predictable.

The special spawns here (and in most events) are completely unreasonable, but I do want to see the wave spawns fixed as well as the out of thin air ratling gunner mowing you down crap

Oy, before this gets closed here, i want this to be acknowledged. This isnt some pointless balance discussion but an obvious change in an event and i want to know if it will get fixed.

Here you can see what is actually happening, the enemies are dropping down dead seemingly the moment they spawn, and do not join their comrades who on the other side, who climb over the wooden barrier and attack. Look at the right upper corner, and you’ll see them fall as the camera is angled so I could peek.

This is on the right side of the Righteous Stand arena, when facing the elevator and the hallway therein.

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love your profile pic X,D

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Thank you for the video proof, Loyalist.

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