Righteous Stand spawning points

Why in Righteous Stand do allies spawn behind you at the elevator? A fix would be appreciated so they only spawn ahead of you. This occurs in the area following the arena event.

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yes, i totally missed ressing my dorf after that area, thinking that he would be ahead, and then realised we couldn’t go back to get him. really wierd. we finished the run with 3 people but that wasn’t very nice =(

Noticed that too super lame when it happens.

Also happens on Fort Brachsenburkel if someone dies right near the end when it is time to break the siege, they spawn WAAYYY back.

Enemy spawn points are a bit borked too, like having patrols/hordes spawn in the room at the top of the elevator… while you’re still in it.

Oh yeah, that’s brutal. It happens often too. A horde spawns evenly spaced out and fills most of the room. Sometimes it spawns on you, other times it’s before you even come up the elevator.

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