Righteous Stand temple enemies are not spawning


in the final arena of Righteous Stand (where Sigmar Statue is located) I encountered an issue twice.

After the first wave of enemies attack, nothing spawns for a very long time.
Then a Special spawns and another wave comes in. Then another long wait and the same thing repeats but it takes a very long time to complete the map.

Both of the games I encountered this was deed.
In the first one I was solo with bots and in the second I had another friend with me.

Both of the deeds had Seek & Destroy (more specials) property on them, if it helps.

Another thing I noticed in the second game, when there were no enemies visible inside the temple, friend of mine threw a Javelin at a pillar where Skavenslaves climb down and as soon as the javelin hit the pillar dead skaven bodies became visible and dropped down.

I tried to explain it the best way I could, I hope it’s helpful.

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Place has had bugged spawns for a very, very long time now with many reports about it…a fix does not seem to be high priority. Or it´s proving to be very difficult for some reason.

I’ve had one Righteous Stand run bug, but it’s definitely not that often. I ran it yesterday evening and all went normally.

For me it bugs every single time :cry:

Either the boss doesnt spawn or half the enemies do not, you can even stand in a few places to make the bug rate hit 100%.

I do not do that but i have seen it.

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