No hordes during boss fights please!

yeah it has a true horror to it^^ getting kicked away by a boss not knowing if you land in a horde (-: but they shouldnt have limited the ping distance in the dark

nawww that’s part of the fun! pinging something in the dark would be cheating

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It’s happened to me a lot in champion and legend, but I don’t really think it’s a big deal, yeah, it’s annoying whenever I can’t hear or see the assassin or late to dodge the leech.

To know there’s a warning “pickup party is rare” and I have done most of my legend and champ with random people and they’re not even communicating, it just impressive imo.

I’m still new in vermintide 2 and never played vermintide 1 but since 2 weeks ago I watched some pro player in twitch, learn a lot from them how to handle many situations even with additional enemies from Twitch chat like extra mini boss ect, some of them even soloing legend (without bot by killing all 3 bot at the beginning),

I always using range weapon that can penetrate enemies for easy sweep horde+specials and just cover the other from distance since most people I play with just YOLOing instead of take a better position first, just make sure I stand in the right position, tbh what make it’s so difficult just the friendly fire xD.

No absolutely not. Bosses are trivial without hordes. Bosses sole purpose are to disrupt and split the team. Without hordes the person who holds aggro can just kite while the rest of the team DPS’s. Bosses NEED hordes to be effective at doing their intended job.



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thanks joker for the detailed feedback. Based on this much information and experience i will change my opinion.

yeah most of the legend runs my teammates also dont talk and we make it, but i usually see on their positioning if they know what they are doing. A good random group dont need voice talk. if ther isnt enough space to kite the boss its straight gg anyway. For example drop in new area (no way back) boss+horde no way back and hord comes from front and above.

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I agree, bosses would almost become pointless without the specials and hordes there, it would trivialize the whole experience. A decent player can kite a boss nearly indefinitely, depending on context of course, while the rest of the team deals with the horde. 9/10 times if i take dmg while kitings its my own fault and i can recognize immediately what i did wrong. The fast 180 degree turn attack seems to be gone in beta patch so that takes care of the exception. Its fairly easy to learn tbh. Saying bosses aggro randomly is quite silly.

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