A thing that makes such game memorable : 1v1 against Boss

So, it just happened.
We were in a bad situation, an ogre comes in a tiny path. Close to the scaffoldings, right past the first cave in “Festering Ground”. The Dwarf fall, I go past the boss to take another angle and clean the 2 northmens behind.
Elf and Soldier keep it at bay long enough so I can jump in too.
Same as Dwarf, elf fall. Only Kruber and me left. By chance, I played a lot Vermintide 1, so I know how to handle an ogre.
I rty to attract it with all I have, but Kruber fall too.

I am now 1v1 with it. I can do it. I did it a few times. Each one was memorable. The higest difficulty level, and you kill a boss, alone. Save the day, and move on to free your mates.

Except this time, it’s Vermintide 2. A horn is blown, far away. Then 5 seconds later, 10 (the only you will see, among ~80) rottmen comes right behind you. Suck it up, you die, period.

Please fFatshark, make so the AI Director CAN’T spawn anything else when it’s a 1v1 fight against a boss. Even if the horn is blown or whatever. Let the fight happens. Even if you throw the horde right after.
Please :smiley:


If you’ve played V1 you know there’s always going to be a horde at some point, I can agree that it tends to spawn too early however, and more often than not despite ‘‘fixes’’ you’ll still get rekt by specials in between. Disabling spawns entirely during a bossfight would make them rather simple however… what annoys me more is the fact that mobs will stand inside the boss frame and get free hits off at times.


I’ve heard some people now saying that there is actually a mechanic that some bosses will always spawn with a horde. No idea if it’s true or not, but in several games, we cleared hordes just before a boss spawn point, then pushed in - and within seconds of the boss spawning another horde sound came as well, and we had a rough go of it. It could just be an unkindly short horde timer (possibly <30 seconds), or maybe sometimes bosses just spawn with hordes.

Hordes spawn so often after 1.0.5, that it’s really hard to tell, I’ve literally had horsed spawn 10 seconds after clearing the previous one, no bosses involved.

But subjectively - yes, it looks just like it. Though to me it looks like bosses join the wave, not the wave joins bosses. What makes me think so - before there were certain points, and bosses could only spawn when you passed them. Now 50% of the time you get bosses close to these spots, but a little bit before them. And those bosses come with waves.

So I think that bosses can spawn alone as usual, but the can also join a wave, if you’re being close to one of spawn checkpoints.

A similar thing happened to me: lone survivor as Kruber, managed to clear boss and horde and I was just picking up one of the tomes left behind by my dead mates when 3 assassins (not a typo: three of them) and a hookrat immediately spawned all around me.

Managed to kill two assassins, then bashed away from the hook with Kruber’s career skill, then the third assassin pounced on me at the end of the bash, before I even had control of my character.
gg FatShark :frowning:


For the Troll at least I can kinda confirm that fighting him 2 vs 1 (1 vs 1 is RIP game anyways) will halt special and horde spawns at some point.

Had this several times when nothing bothered me and my colleague as we desperately fought the Troll. Hordes and specials resumed after we slew it. Might have just been a coincidence or we were lucky or it’s just the Troll, idk. Was a pleasant change of pace however.
Getting a horde during boss fights has become so predictable and stale, I’m more surprised if I don’t hear a horn at this point.

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