Design question

Hey Fatshark.
I call for a gameplay designer.
My question is - Is it allowed to enemies (escpecially elites and bosses) to throw you in the water? That means instant die. Spawn of Chaos just thrown me into the water, and I was on max hp, grim and tome. That’s unfair.
So, is this the design, or it’s a bug?

This is no help to your question but i just wanted to say that it is one of the funniest things in the game to see the Dwarf get tossed across a field xD

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Yeah, but not into the insta death. :frowning:

Protip: Don’t put your back to water. Situational awareness is paramount.

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Hard when you are fighting with Spawn of Chaos :smiley:

It depends on how far and high it throws you. If you land near the ledge, you will hang from it. But if you are already near the ledge and it launches you into the sky, you are dead. Always be aware of the terrain and stay away from ledges. On the plus side, if the boss is close to the ledge you can stagger him off with certain moves and instakill him.

Its not. Since VT1 I’ve played literally thousands of games and been knocked off maybe a couple dozen times because I didn’t pay attention to where the cliffs/water was. Its not a bug, its user error.

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