Troll boss on hunger in the dark

We just played the map ‘‘Hunger in the dark’’ and when we got to the scripted troll boss something stupid happened - we kited the boss near an edge and dodged at the last minute causing him to fall right into the cavern , the whole teamed laughed at this joyous victory but boy was it short lived - the troll teleported back onto the platform and took us all out one by one , how can we not have gotten the kill by making him take the plunge ? :angry:

I feel your pain but it’s understandable why this couldnt or shouldnt work like that. Would be far too easy if you could get the timing down to just cheese bosses that way.

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well in V1 you could push ogres over edge with bombs :smiley:

I main a Kruber Foot Knight and I always grab the purple potion that gives you ability recharge, and I’ve chain stun knockbacked several rat ogres and chaos spawns off of cliffs.


Hope the troll crouch spammed your team. :smiley:

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