Post dwarf maps patch problems

I’m not even sure where to start with the poison that the 3.5G patch you put in on the xbox to “fix” problems that existed on the new maps. This update has manage a level of self immolation only matched by Year 1 patches. I can accept that the spawn eating you after slamming you is a “feature”, but i will not accept enemies who have no audio que hitting me from 90°-120° who have literaly spawned in beside or behind me as im backing up. The rules of “no enemy can spawn in the open” (a far distant memory from the game in a far better state, see pre WOM DLC) even now are further disregarded. The audio ques that i do get the enemies will frequently miss their attacks even when i stand still. Block, dont block, it matters not, even as host enemies will hack right through unless you pre packaged it last christmas, even still as you drop the block a newly spawned silent enemy hits you from beyond sight. Even to further disgrace my attempts at enjoying this once functional game today i explored the idea of initiating a block while in the air from a standing jump, i landed, as i landed still blocking a ChaosWarrior started his upward attack from directly infront of me, it cut straight through my full shield count and down i went. Monsters seem to lack audio for hits with some range weapons, the moonfire in particular i had an interesting battle with a spawn in war camp where all arrows passed straight through it as if it were in a rampart setting it took no damage and i could attack enemies through him as if he were not even there. Oh and they still (spawns) gdt stuck in turbo mode where they cannot attack, a trick that the stormfiends seem to have learned as when you play twitch they get set into a mode where only walking and fire attacks work. Some leeches are now acting un dodgeable, perhaps a tweak, but annoying never the less. You still neglect to stop the gun rats turning the bots into wigging NPC’s, the may as well be AFK as they will huddle up to watch you get fully stabbed to death while they stand feet from you, guns drawn, waiting till the gunner stops shooting, atleast 1 should have the common sense to draw the fire so they can work as a team to eliminate the threat and get the revive before the only human dies and the mission fails. From what ive noticed the chaos wastes seem mostly unaffected by the new blocking and audio issues, FOW and main campaign are not in a healthy state and seem to behave like they are on the weave mechanics where if you hear an audio que its already to late, and youre better off running backward though the map so you can atleast see what is spawning. This is a sorry state, if you dont want us to be able to block or use shades parry/dodge/blur trick, then maybe you could make the enemies actually have consistent stagger rolls. There are more new problems but i am far to frustrated with these and how it plays ATM to recall what they are. Please fix the audio ques, or the lack there of, the ghost like block fails, and what seems to be a glitch where pushes seem to miss some enemies, like where u push 3 enemies but the one in the middle seems to outright ignore it, like when you hit a stormvermin with a charged attack, their head wiggles all over but their body ignores the stagger and they down you with a stab or horizontal slash. Yeah, and maybe consider pushing not interupting revives, that is trash enough when you have 9 shields and a SV pushes you so a slave can down you since there is no defense for that unless you have 1 of 2 talents on the 2 of 19 classes that allows you to dodge through enemies…

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Not only that, the only dwarf seems like he is struggling in a lot of maps when dying and respawning, making a game an insta quit for the bardin player

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Holy -* wall-o-text.

This is hard on the eyes to read, if you got a lot to state like now then i really do suggest breaking it into paragraphs or points on a list to make it easier to process it.

  1. Audio ques : Yep, has been broken for ages.

  2. Chaos warrior uppercut, its a short range very high damage…double hit. Checks out as nasty as it is.

  3. I havent seen the spawn bug in quite some time so i cant say.

  4. No personal problems with leeches either.

  5. Bots : Yep, still work like crap against specials, i miss the (PC)mods for em.

  6. Enemies resistant to staggers : During certain animations some enemies, elites in particular, become hyper resistant to stagger.

On that note, considering you noted ghost hits, hits through blocks and being unable to dodge stuff i suspect you got a connection that spooks somehow, or its just an xbox exclusive bug package. But otherwise an even somewhat unstable connection tend to cause all of those. And delayed stagger when hitting enemies.

  1. Stormvermin pushes : This is like the one threatening thing they have on shield users, nothing else.

This is all as host.

And all xbox, old and new are indicated. New being main campaign inheriting the issues that weaves have had for years. Fatshark is slowly overhauling their game to behave like their most broken, abandoned mode it would appear. If that is what PC players want, they can have it, Xboxs players do not want this. Importing enemies (spawning) in attack range is not acceptable when they import like a freshly split tzechen twin as in active and attacking.
Oddly enough the twins modifier mode seems to actually behave properly.

my most hated bug ever on pc it was also around for 2 weeks after the release and all my mates complained about it as well. The devs said that all is fine, they cant see any issue. But god bless it gone now on pc, no idea if they had intentionally fixed it, or was fixed by “accident”. But yeah this bug is definitely a problem of the release, as i said it was around on pc as well.

This bug was on pc right before the new maps were released, even as host as you stated.

The bots are stupid on purpose fatshark stated often enough, they dont want that bots replace players.

I am still having it too (PC) T_T

Hmm devs dont see an issue on their side

They only adviced me to check my audio settings, but this was of course not the problem.

I’ve been having recent issues with audio cues too, hosting or not. I’m taking chip damage from enemies that are both behind me or in front of me with no warning sound, and I can tell when I took it from the front while facing a horde because of the damage done.

I’m aware that enemies targeting other players can hit without an audio cue when one dodges an attack and another end up in the enemy’s attack. This happens frequently when you have two players standing near one another and both do not have melee weapons capable of staggering elites. You may have enemies coming both behind and in front, and somebody dodges a vertical execution blow from a black rat or a chaos warrior uppercut, and the one facing the other direction dodges into it unwittingly, and one of you ends up getting shwacked out of existence. Situations like this are fairly common.

However, the recent issue I’ve had with audio cues is just me by my lonesome getting poked with no cue while hosting.

Another long-time issue, that affects the host, but is far worse, even with just a little latency is that enemies can attack while staggered with no indication that they are reading an attack while staggered. The animation from the player’s perspective shows a fully staggered enemy with no attack animation and the player receives no sound cue, then one frame later, the enemy is 50-75% into the next attack animation leaving the player in a position where reacting quickly may not be possible. Say you planned on using the time they were staggered to toss a bomb, drink a potion, reload, or any other action that is slower than having 25% of an attack animation’s time to react, as a result, players often get downed in one shot. To compensate, I often stagger enemies 2-3x before throwing something, and if I can’t do that because I’m not using a high-stagger build/weapon, I just avoid taking any action which might put me in a situation where I have to guess if the staggered enemy is going to cancel their stagger animation and instantly switch to being mid-way into an attack.

There are times when a player is being bullied by the AI into a corner and with little space your best option is to use your stagger from a shield with the opportunist trait to stagger a chaos warrior or batch of black rats out of an attack animation, then the chaos warrior may immediately recover and end up giving you the double uppercut or a black rat will cleave you from above and the attack animation is mid-way through giving the player half the frames to react and as a result, the player gets destroyed.

This happens with any elite, chaos warriors, staggered hook rats, monsters (who can also 180 at blinding speed if they decide to change targets mid-way through an attack), and even trash enemies. I suspect some of the no-audio-cue strikes players receive can be from situations where an enemy is instantly recovering from stagger and cutting straight to being halfway through a swing that has little to no warning. A player can stagger a little rat behind you with a push and it may, for whatever reason, just instantly recover from being staggered and poke you from behind.

Also, one more issue that may explain the sudden appearance of enemies out of thin air is that, when hosting, I’ve noticed that if I get too far ahead of the players connected to my game (it may even just be one player lagging behind while the rest are with me), not extremely far ahead, but just a bit, sometimes the roaming enemies will despawn and completely disappear; other times, they will spawn in out of thin air, sometimes right next to me immediately initiating an attack.