Xbox choas wastes problems

Been holding off for a bit so I could get a feel for what has been one offs and what is consistent.
Here goes;
Patrols: silent spawn in, spawn in in agro range, spawn in directly on the party, are the first spawn on the first mission (basically instant fail if it’s chaos)
Flag bearers: spawn in directly in striking range, spawn in with instant banner deployment
Beastmen: oversized hordes, migrating hit box that does not match physical position, insta-stabs, almost zero stagger possibility at times, frequently become surrounded by enemies that were not there an instant ago (camera magic basically) walking and sliding through the heros,
Bots: Bardin will frequently chase specials, a LOOOOONG way, stuck everywhere
All bots: pathing issues constantly, refusal to drop over drop offs, loose track of party and just stand still in the open, performance while fighting a monster 1v1 is good but refuse to attempt revives, bots struggle in numbers vs monster and frequently cluster so one overhead will down all of them, no awareness of any enemies beside the monster so 1 enemy behind them may eliminate all 3 of them, better revive priority is still required (initiate revive, use career skill, like a human would, NOT use career skill, attack once, block, then initiate revive as the bots do)
Slanesh no pickup curse fails to curse enemies from time to time so you end up with zero pickups for an entire mission
Lightning strike crashes the game if near the monster chests or if it strikes too many enemies, even if there are a low number of spawned enemies,
Bots struggle to kill malevolent spirit, oughtright ignore its existence at most times
Map design has invisible walls in places, cliffs that you can fall off with ought possibility of rescue (I don’t mean lava traps)
Blots are almost drawn to blood tornadoes like moths to flame, kruber is worst by far, bardin second, kruber will stand in every one that spawns, literally running into its center and stands there as if waiting to attack it, mission is nearly impossible to complete unless all bots are of a type that produces temp hit points for all allies,
Game crashes when the time for specific god occupant of finale runs out. Eg when slanesh is replaced by nurgloth.
There are more issues, did not write them down before hand. If you could please address this faster than the 3 months we had to wait to fix weave 64 and beyond, it would be greatly appreciated by the community.
Weaves run beautifully now, but most old bugs always seem to re appear every time a new concept, dlc or fix is installed.

And why do bots always move directly in front of you while you are lining up ranges shots. It’s been over 3 years FIX THIS!

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I am sooo glad you posted this! Play solely on Xbox and have encountered 90% of the bugs you describe above. I usually play with missus and 2 bots, but had too many legend runs ended due to randomly appearing patrols, bots running off for miles and walking into patrols, maps with blood tornado curses are REALLY hard with bots etc etc. Crashes back to the dashboard occur fairly frequently as well as disconnects. We were doing an arena last night and missus could not progress through the level (one where you go through a tower and drop down) as there was an invisible wall she could not pass, had to down herself and spawn in below.

A bug which I’ve not seen anyone else encounter yet but has happened to me a couple of times is that something happens to my character and I end up walking really slow the entire mission, like I am walking at blocked speed even though I am not blocking. It fixes itself for the next map but it can happen again. Not sure what causes it.

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Oh, I forgot the slow bug, thanks. I actually encountered the “fast” bug for the first time today. Lol Cata is really hard with bots, been trying to complete a solo cata run, made it half way through the 4th mission on citadel of eternity…getting close, but ugh. Bots are letting me down, if not them then bugs and crashes. Good luck out there, glad you and the misses can play together :+1:t2:

Oh yeah, the silent patrol happened to me yesterday. We had just opened a trials chest and out of nowhere a chaos patrol spawned, directly on top of us. No audio cues, nothing, they just dropped in. Also can confirm the bots desire to step and then remain in every single khornado that shows up. Very annoying that.

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One thing that really bothers me is that bots rarely dodge leeches, has to be less than 1 in 5 times. Never in hordes, and almost any time they try to do a revive they completely ignore the leech, and subsequently you get to re start the mission.

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