Newest xbox update. problems galore

the chaos prince update is good, and has some cool stuff. i do have some gripes, like the trails chest should still just be monsters. never going to be able to get all the purified outfits if you never can actually face off against the monster you’re hunting and the one time you get lucky enough to get the right one you get some awful boobs on it that makes it an instant wipe.
the new chests are cool and fun.

my problem is that every time you add new content the bots get stupid, and stupider and they end up getting back into the old habits that you had previously programmed out.the bots are once again paralyzed and mentally crippled when they are faced with a gun rat.

they now have a new issue where they are completely oblivious to enemies.
i got dropped by a black rat while all three bots watched, making zero effort to help.
the elf stood there with her bow out and didn’t even so much as flinch as it chopped her down as well.
this is trash.

also of equal concern is that enemies are tracking and attacking characters that are invisible, such as huntsman.
not all enemies, but some, and one random enemy tracking and attacking you while you are cloaked and attempting to hunt a special is enough to end your game. this needs a look.rt to help me kill the singular enemy we had on screen

wow, sorry about the typos and janky writeup, the page literally will not allow me to see the whole post while i’m writing it.
garbage iphone 6 has real trouble with your page

bots need a patch, it gets worse every update.
scale them for different difficulties or something.
they still are completely crippled fighting beastmen and you nerfed the only useful bot when you pacified sister of thorns.

the stuttering is so bad on the tower that i just walked into the middle of the air while it was dropping frames and fell to my death at the end of the mission.

it’s nice that you’re making new content but you need to fix the old problems.

like where you are grabbed by an assassin or leech and it takes until you are downed before the bots will actually attack the special, and ONLY with a fully charged attack, even if they are standing beside you when the initial incapacitation began.

why do the totems keep spawning enemies after you destroy them?

I honestly couldent disagree more on the front of the chest of trials. I love the waves of specials that spawn from them.

i do like the new variety, it’s a nice touch.
i’d prefer they’d attach it to the locus shrines or another chest. so if you don’t open a chest that isn’t what your looking for.

when i’m grudgemark hunting i would prefer not to have my run ended by 6 banners being spawned instead of getting a shot at a monster.

the grudgemark encounter rate is now to low to actually get the purified cosmetics in any reasonable timeframe.

Every second time i go into the offline profile, since new content update, i lose all my cosmetics and all payed dlc cosmetics load in as if brand new.

WTF did you guys do?

i have to go into my online, then go to main menu then go into offline to get my cosmetics back.

your play testers are not doing a great job in my opinion.

why do the bots still chase gasrats with a 100% priority?
just got killed for the 1000th time because i got hooked and the mob beat me to death while the three bots f’d off to nowhereville.
fix the bots.
not everyone has good internet
not everyone can fill a roster.
we all have to live with bots, why do we have to die because of them?
where is the bot patch.
revives are garbage, they only lure enemies directly on top of you.
they even, and this is rich, attract the gunners attention then attempt to revive you, while the untargeted other bots run side to side to side in the open taking rare shots at a tagged gunner.

aaaand the crashes continue.

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