Is the Ai really that broken?

So I assume most you havent missed the whole Ai director is broken thingy. People complaining it spawns 4 incapacitate specials inside of you while 100 CW spawns while also dealing with a boss and a horde.

Heres the thing. I havent noticed any of that stuff. My friends havent noticed it either. Sure we dont represent the whole playerbase but still. The amount of people saying legend is impossible because of ai feels like people trying to find a reason, thats not them, to why they are loosing. I mean you can dodge every single special. Assasin you can even knock in the air. CW can be dealt with using ults and bombs. A boss you can just simply ignore and kite.

Not sure what you guys think but based on my experience. People are just jumping on the blameTheAi train for why they are loosing

Well i don’t think the AI it self is broken sometimes the spawns, if a Pat spawns right in your face. But thats no reason why players are losing legend. I can just say to this players (without being mean) get good at thegame, its part of the game to lose and learning the patterns and strats.
The only thing what they should fix are these doubble spawns. They are sometimes really unfair.

No. You can’t.

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Yes you can
Wich special you cant doge?

Yes you can, ability and possibility are two different things.

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  • Side dodge when he’s about to grab

Gutter Runner

  • Side dodge after jump, if far away enough for you to react
  • Block-hit before he hits you


  • Side step the grab if far enough for you to react


  • Anticipate who he’s throwing at, and get out of that spot
  • Exploit Globadier’s friendly fire and use the gas patch against hordes

Warpfire Thrower

  • Doesn’t move while firing, just get away
  • Slow turn rate when firing, walk around
  • Can also use his friendly fire against your enemies

Ratling Gunner

  • Blocked by (most) obstructions
  • Slow turn rate when firing, walk around
  • Inaccurate at farther ranges
  • Another friendly fire to exploit


  • Really annoying, but easy enough to avoid since it moves slowly
  • Probably the best friendly fire to try and manipulate, though the most difficult

Best practice is to not get surrounded or cornered so you always have a direction to move.


I haven’t really noticed an amazing spawn level of 200 CW like the entire Norsca focused on us, but I’ve seen quite a lot of “spawn right in your face” patrol.
And bugged one moreover.
Yesterday for example, on Righteous Stand, after the elevator, two SV just magically popped in front of us, and I kill them. Then I realize when I heard an angry SV voice coming from behind the door. A whole patrol went for us xD
Actually we went pretty well about it so it’s kinda ok, but a bug is a bug.

What I have seen mostly is spawn in your face, and non-stop horde/specials.
Sometimes a wave of the horde is stuck somewhere and you move on, so the horde music continue and the game keep on throwing you waves. About the specials it’s just sometimes you get let’s say Blightstormer, Gutter Runner and Hook rat, kill them, then a Lich spawn, then a second Lich, then someone get hooked, then a Blightstormer far away create a storm, etc…
It’s never at the same time, but there is somewhere a trigger saying “Throw a special squad” that is looping too much xD

Aight patrols getting stuck has happend to me aswell but that is ai pathing.

The non-stop special spawning I can agree with but it is still managble and its not like they all span at the same time on your squad

Okay you are standing alone against Horde 2 stormvermin then lich spawns behind you. After lich spawns assassin will jump at you with very small window of time(note there is no sound indication of his existance). If you dodge lich to the side assasssin will jump at you. If you somehow use godlike reaction to push assassin lich will get you. And dont forget about the horde behind your back. And didnt i mention it’s all in a very narrow place?

Yeah I agree with you, I’m losing Legend but it’s usually because of dumb mentality of my mates (and some terrible choices I make xD)

But I wasn’t talking about patrol getting stuck, they litterally SPAWNED ON YOUR FACE, like “pop” they appeared. It’s immersion breaking AND can wipe a run.
About horde waves yeah it’s pathing.

@Maud Don’t you have, I don’t know, teamates in this coop based game ? If they’re all dead already, then it’s not AI fault, it’s your team fault (wether it’s the whole team or them being bad)

That’s in a situation though. The way the conversation went I was lead to believe that you thought some specials could outright not be avoided.

Of course there will be situations where you’re just good ol’ fashion boned. :laughing:

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Well Bardin was dealing with Horde+Boss. Other two was separated with offscreen globedeer that cant be killed and was dealind with horde 2 chaos warriors and 2 grabbers. So duh. The map was completly empty like 10 secs ago.

Nah. Its like 1 out of 100 Legend runs stuff like this happends when you feel its impossible to survive no matter how good you are.

You can even do that the key to this named positioning. Step one dont get surrounded, or even better dont get in such a situation. If you do you have normaly 3 teammates who can help you. And the leech has a sound indicator even in the horde, but tbh its verry silent and hard do filter it out.
For your assasin: when you play with headphones you will alaways know from where he jumps, sound and music is verry important in this game.

When i play legend i’m always aware that nobody is behind me so i can avoid the situation you described. I even let somtimes my teammates die if i can’t help them without getting in trouble.

same for me, and i run legend almost all the time unless i’m trying out new builds. the only wtf moments are when things get spawned in your face, but that’s a bug i’m sure fatshark is working to fix. everything that spawns outside of the bugs are reasonable to me, so i can’t relate to all the whining

and where are your teammates? why are you soloing all this alone?

No you cant. Are you some kind of elitist or what? There IS situations which pretty much impossible to survive in. No matter how godlike your skills are. It’s just stupid to deny that.

These tips are nice and good, but they only work IF you hear the special itself, or the character comments about them. The main problem for me is the missing audio hint in most cases, not the quantity of the specials.
Good luck dodgeing a packmaster that comes from inside a horde which cuts LoS (since it has no unit collision with mobs) and without audio, and you only get the character warning after it already hooked you… Kinda the same issue with leeches and assassins. The other issue with the AI director: the spawning distance is also seriously messed up. Last time a horde literally spawned around me (fort brachsenbruche, under the bridge, perfect spot), i was lucky that i played handmaiden, most other characters would have gotten gangbanged.

SO to summarize what should be fixed IMO:

  1. Looping horde music, which probably mutes any specials that spawn during horde, and after, really annoying, and still not fixed

  2. Consistent and reliable audio hints and character callouts at specials (you can stick Sienas warning up your @ss if it occurs after you got hooked, gutted, succed etc…)

  3. Spawn distances (for specials, patrols, and hordes//ambushes are ok, if they dont just randomly pop up, but you can see the actual animation that they crawl out of their holes…)

//4. Horde stacking… good luck cleaving or blocking 20 skavenslaves/zombies when you think theres only 4 of them :smiley:

Yeah but even if you get hooked through a horde. You have 3 teamm8s who should be able to save you

The Ai seems to be generally fine, but then sometimes just slips for a bit - I’ve heard others have had it far worse, like going 50 meters into the level and it spawns a boss at your spawn and a patrol in front of you.
But overall, I’ve been ok. It’s often doable.
Certainly, I’ve had repeated issues with spawn distance being bugged; A packmaster literally just appearing ~1.5 meters of you is really hard to dodge because of the surprise element incurred by the absurdity of it all, and while people say to just kill patrols, patrols are actually hard and them just appearing in front of you (or in one case on empire in flames, teleporting towards me), that is downright irritating.
Of course, sometimes this works in your favor; Slaves appearing in melee range, 2-3 at a time, makes for a rather easy horde.

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