On Champion and Legend, the Director will less frequently spawn hordes and specials while the players still are engaged with enemies

Just remember, it is the chance of getting specials/hordes during boss fights that is reduced, but rng is still rng, and you could still have a bad day. The devs didn’t say you wouldn’t get specials/hordes during boss fights, only that your chances of getting them would be reduced. A few samples out of the hundreds or thousands of legend games is just statistics.

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Yep, glad someone pointed this out.

Champ run yesterday. A group of 4, not the best, not the worst players. We finished it successfully with all books and a grim. Did not waste time, did not stop unless we had to fight. We killed 63!! specials! Just that number alone is ridiculous. Don’t remember the elites and I remember the troll at the beginning, can’t remember if there was more or not, I was too busy trying to stay alive. :slight_smile:
Finishing a run takes 20-30 mins. That means we got a special every 30 sec or less!!! I should have taken a screenshot…

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