Director is generally bad and too predictable with hordes

It’s in the title.
Director isn’t doing its job.

I keep getting hordes in pretty much the same places.

Scripted events are a borefest, because you know exactly that(for example) when escorting the battering ram on warcamp there will be a spawn of 3 berserkers on the right and a globadier spawn when you get to the moat. It’s the same on every map. Only unpredictable thing is the special spawns directly on top of players and trash mobs spawning next to you, even in closed off spaces with no holes/entrances. It’s kinda a downer.

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How about more info. Example, what difficulty are you playing? I’ve not progressed too far. Perhaps they become less scripted at higher levels. It would make sense low level tier is easier and predictable.

There are hordes for specific events, like finales, but hordes are actually on a timer with some variance. The higher the difficulty, the shorter the timer.

What’s likely happening is that you’re just taking the same route as fast as possible, so getting hordes in roughly the same places. This happens a lot on Against the Grain (horde at the first house) and Fort Bracksenbrucke (in the dry stream bed).

I specifically mean champion, but noticed the same thing on legend-only on legend it varies dependent on how much unavoidable elites you get along the way.

This also happens on Into the nest - bridge,ammo box by grim entrance,scripted event,before entering the 3rd tome area,just after or near the exit of 3rd tome area,then there’s usually a boss, then a horde right before you drop down at the area of no return, then a horde when or after you ascend, and finally the boss- same thing is with every other map.
I won’t write it step by step for every each one, but I definitely could.

I started playing on veteran and it’s the same on champion and now when I upped to legend it’s also the same. I get it that a horde has to come EVENTUALLY, but I’d rather be hit by a horde at the very beginning of the map sometimes to add some variety at least.

Also, I don’t get why, during scripted events such as warcamp battering ram escort we get spawns in the exact same places.(berserkers to the right between 3rd and 4th tent, then chaos with shields next to the last tent on the right and then a globadier also from the right) I mean,would it be that hard to just make them spawn but in different places? I get that on righteous stand it’s hard to spawn berserkers someplace other than the right or left gate(and even there I’m surprised they don’t pop out of the same gate every time) but during other scripted events there’s plenty of places to spawn specials/elites. By this point I do warcamp automatically and the battering ram escort is the most boring part of it. The horde is small,the event is scripted so hard that you always know where to look…If I play it any more I will be able to literally play it with my eyes closed.

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