Huge variation in special count on Legendary War Camp

I’m not sure what is up with the director on boss levels but it seems to have huge variations sometimes in what it throws at you. We did one Warcamp run and just had constant specials the whole time until we wiped right after the first grim to a bile troll and horde. Our Kruber died to a chaos warrior before the troll and just rage quit because he had enough of the specials, then the elf joined to replace him as you can see in the photo below.
We ended up killing 38 specials, plus whatever Kruber had killed before the elf joined, right after the first grim, barely a quarter of the way into the map.

Later we ended up on Warcamp again, legendary both times, and we were able to finish the map this second time, and we only had 40 specials the whole map.

I don’t know if the game just randomly adds a “Double Special” deed modifier to quickplay sometimes or what, but whatever is going on, could you please help us understand what your “vision” is behind having the director do stuff like this?

We had had two successful but very challenging Legend runs with this Kruber before the first warcamp, he was very friendly and we got along well, worked well as a team, had fun, then when we got that first WarCamp with the special spam he just rage quit without a word.
It wasn’t even the specials that killed us, they just annoyed us every inch of the way, and I mean that, it was literally special after special or two or three all the grim.
This only happened once in some 20 total Legend runs, which made it all the more bizarre. What is the point of having the director rarely flood you with specials in some playthroughs? I feel like I lost a potential friend to director rng, for what? I enjoy variation in maps, sometimes getting boss spawns, even challenging ones in tight spots, different routes, random beserkers and chaos warriors in different places, but I don’t think there should be such an extreme variation in the amount of specials. I assume that rate of specials in the first playthrough would have been roughly the same through the map, and we would have ended up with around 150 or so if that was the case. Just really weird design choice.