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Has anyone else noticed drastic changes to the AI director on Legend? On cata the AI director changes are to be expected so i will not touch on that. Anyhow, particulary at the finale of a mission such as screaming bell destroying the chains, fort firing the cannon, etc. there are way more specials and elites. Played fort and had about 2 assasins, 2 packmasters, 8-10 plague monks, 5-7 SV at the same time… throughout the whole thing there was way more than that. I did not see any mention of this change in the patch notes. Thoughts?


“Terror Events” are the in-code name for scripted events, such as map finales. They were changed to scale with difficulty, where they did not before the update.

If the random AI director was changed as well I don’t know.


Personally I love the changes. The finales in VT2 always felt so boring and underwhelming. Think of the finales in VT1; The Dungeons, Death on the Reik, Screaming Bell etc. You’d wipe all the time trying to beat them, and it was awesome! Making it through was super satisfying, whereas in VT2 until this patch, victory was basically a forgone conclusion.


I’ve noticed this both with the terror events you’re describing and within normal sections of the map. The AI seems to favor spawning pairs of specials now, and some of the specials’ behavior appears to have been adjusted. Assassin rats keep walking straight up to me instead of jumping… certainly makes them easier, but it’s very odd to watch.

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I think it is pretty cool as well! I just did not know it was a thing… must have missed that part.


Aye. Terror events scale with difficulty. This is a great change.


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