Lag ... Huge lag

I’m glad to inform that there is a news…not only gui crash every 10 mins…this evening I have a lot of lag in every game and i have a full functional fiber connection.


yeah, laggy, game not feel right, enemies behaving strangely, suddenly not landing pushes on dogs, consistently even, after weeks of doing it correctly. Pickups and interactions being interrupted for no reason, weapons shooting animation multiple times very quickly, failed hit registery, all of these issues in last two or three days and continually getting worse. It’s not my connection, I will not accept that as an argument because others I play with are seeing the same things. I will not be gaslit into thinking this is a problem on my end. Game is unfun because bad server.


It’s not an isolated incident

I’ve also had a few people report the same problem in game

It may be worth trying some solutions here:

yes I am very familiar with boiler plate support responses because once upon a time i I honestly believed they would be helpful and would go down whatever list of “hotfixes” I was given one at a time, wasting hours of my own time, and they always end with “call your isp!” like some kind of funny joke because the isp always says its not on their end either.
I’m sure you are trying to be helpful.
I’m sure there’s someone somewhere that will actually be helped by one of these guides that were mostly useful in the early 2000’s when everything wasn’t plug and play.
I’m not one of them. So why don’t we just cut to the chase and say “it is what it is.” and I’ll just continue to have these issues until I either stop playing or someone on your end finally discovers and fixes the issue.