No one to play with in SEA(South East Asia) dedicated servers when?

I cannot find anyone to play with in SEA region/AUS, legend or champ matches. Playing with people from different countries results in massive delay between attacks and enemy death animations, attacks also go through blocks with 200+ ping. Can we have dedicated servers already or at least an update of the progress? You advertised it which is the reason I got this game since it plagued the 1st game. At the very least sanction the mod that shows the location of the host please. If you implement this players wont be wasting time hopping from host to host looking for decent ping and screwing peoples matches in the process. Thank you.

The playerbase average lies at ~2750 and decrease about 25-50 per day.

Do you still believe into dedicated servers or that FS is willing to put money into it? If they would put money/time into real content and a good system behind that, you would have enough players in your timezone.

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If they didn’t want it they wouldn’t have advertised it with the game. And to answer your question, yes, I still believe they will add them later down the road. Unless someone can provide a source of them saying they decided not to add them anymore.

i’m from SEA, there’s always only a few familiar faces that come up when i press quickplay. our playerbase here is really small sadly, sometimes i end up in 250ping games (i have to abuse the evil ranged meta) and other times i just start a hosted game and players eventually join in.

sad but oh well nothing we can do about it

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I usually get a full game pretty quickly during peak times on the east coast of AU. Off peak times are pretty bad though. There are often zero legend games and maybe one champ game if I’m lucky.

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You guys serious??? I’m guessing you’re SEA not Australia? I’m Aus based, I play Legend, with a group of English speaking people who are mainly on the east coast. ( but we’re not particularly concerned about language barriers and use discord for msot games)

I can’t say I have much issue getting a game, (even when I’m not playing with the other 3-5 regular’s in our group, though it is quite a tight knit group I’m happy to play outside it.) I’d mainly play around between 8pm-1am AEST most nights, your welcome to drop in if you’d like to check your pings, or hell I’d happily jump onto one of your severs on occasion… If the ping is not great I can play something tanky like zealot where I can take some hits and not care. :stuck_out_tongue: Actually I need an excuse to play some IB.

I’m guessing you’re in Asia somewhere? PM me if you want we can work something out. (Though I have to warn you, we mostly fall into the “Average Legend” category, we complete full book runs on all levels and several of the deeds too… )

I’m tempted to write and publish some sort of vermintide2 tanach featuring dedicated servers so people in 2000 years can tell their kids about how it will emerge from the depths of the fattest fish studios someday to save them all from unfinished crowdfunding projects.

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I’m in Sweden and I’ve even been matched with SEA and Aussies/NZ more than a few dozen times now lol.

Had a game with people from Singapore just this week lol…

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They probably clicked QP and got into your game. It’s so bad that when I QP’d today I get placed into games with people from the U.S. Playing with 250-300 ping is hell. I have to refresh the page 10x just to find 2-3 legend matches and thats if you’re lucky in SEA. Thats if no one takes your spot as well. Tried hosting and I just sat there for an hour waiting…

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Well, you can do it. I have an Aussie mate I played final fantasy XIV with for years. He was in my raid group and we cleared all the end game content. He has a 2-4 second delay, he memorized nearly all the boss fights and pre-moved before they did their attack rotations or specials. lmao…

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I just got a game, 400 Ping… XD We still cleared, full book run, I got most melee kills lol. They were speaking some Asian language, no idea what. Might of been Filipino or something, did not sound Chinese, Korean, or Japanese.

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1h axe ranger veteran with handgun is what I enjoy playing on legend, and Zealot with 1h axe. You still get hit properly dodging and attacks go through blocks with even just 250ping. Playing IB is fun and is a blessing with lag but it gets old for me after the first 10 games. Right now I just play with bots and can still do full book runs but its lonely.


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