300-450ms, very high ping on all lobbies near me. Tried everything that I got suggested!

Hello! Since I got the game, on both of our PCs on this network, I can’t play online/with friends of my same location because I have very, very high ping, so if I host they all have 400ms, and if they host I have 400ms. This happens on every lobby that is near me or in the “mid” range. This is the only game that this happens.

7 MB/Sec Download, 2 MB/Sec Upload. ISP ping test reads 60ms.

List of things I tried, suggested by friends and people in Reddit.

Steam Download Location : My same country, every friend has the same as me.
Port Forwarding: Tried deleting all other ports in the same ip and only having forwarded the TCP&UDP ports from VT2.
Resetting Modem Router, I am using direct utp cable ( again, all games work flawlessly )
Windows Resource Monitor reads super light data loads, so no program is doing heavy load on the network

In game settings>Network:
Tried all these settings.
Small Packets ON and OFF with every upload setting combination possible
Upload Size: 256/512/1000/2000 KB/s

I also tried putting Steam download location with states near me but its the same thing.

Can a Tech in Fatshark test if my ISP has good connection or maybe some data through your servers is corrupted with this specific ISP? Its the only thing that I can conclude.
Please help, we can’t play with our friends… It’s ruining the whole game for us, again, this never happened to me. 400ms is horrible to play with: Huge delays everywhere, hits that happen 2seconds after, etc. Can’t play champion difficulty with this lag.

Locking post as we’re handling this via the Support Portal - I’m still waiting to hear back from one of our Network Engineers, so please bear with me. :slight_smile:

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