Server over capacity leading to lag?

90% of games i join every thing that lives teleports due to LAG, projectiles i fire dont hit anything, enemies i hit with melee dont take damage, enemies can not hit me, everything that can walk moves without moving their feet sliding everywhere, I eventually DISCONNECT.

Tell me how to solve this issue, this is the THIRD time. First time was on Nov 18th 2023, second time is Dec 10th 2023, third time Dec 16th 2023. Notice they are ALL WEEKENDS.

Tell me how to solve this, only your game is lagging. speedtest showed 900 mbs.


Stupid question, but you don’t have anything running in the background that could be contributing? I’m playing on a fibre connection, but if Steam is downloading in the background (I play via Xbox app, so Steam didn’t auto pause), latency skyrockets, stuff slides around, etc

Trying to get through this match today was pain. No background stuff but yesterday I was having some framerate problems.

It’s time to start paying the hamsters more.



i have tried closing everything there is still lag, only thing im not sure of is windows updating without my permission. i will google how to stop windows downloading updates without my permission

Is it all right if I ask where you’re from and what server you are playing on?

Im playing from China. not sure what server they group us in.

Indian Ocean here and similar issue joining on Asia server (I can tell due to the latency value for my area and player names).
Connecting on the EU server when I encounter issues on the Asia server confirms it’s a routing and/or server issue as the EU server does not suffer from the same issues.
I can’t play decently on EU due to the obvious latency (220+ms).

At least you could test the EU server, and see if you get better connectivity (via VPN or changing your Steam DL region).

My conclusion so far has been that the hamster has to be fed more than once a month :smile:
Also it’s not funny because issues have been common lately. :tired_face:

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I’m playing NA:West and I’ve been experience some latency issues. Initially thought is was the VPN I was using (if that were the case, wouldn’t blame servers or networking for that, that’d be my fault for leaving it on), but after extensively playing since the recent update, I can confirm I’ve noticed some issues with rubberbanding or some other interpolation issue from lag. In the most grievous occurrence, I was downed by a non-existent horde (in that on my end, the area I was in was clear from any taint), by the time I was halfway beaten to death they appeared.

Most of the time it doesn’t cause too much of a problem, but input delays when you’re fending off a mixed horde or dealing with disablers/bursters tends to be a big deal.


same, i get hit by invisible enemies, when that happens i quickly log out, dont want people to revive a lagging downed teammate that is dead weight, stuck in yesterday.

I emailed Fatshark customer service about this problem. they said:
"Our developers will need to look in to this, which can take some time unfortunately, especially due to the holiday period.

If you would prefer, I’m happy to help with a refund. "

I got this server url from the logs, idk if this is “just” the voice part or not, but it’s an aws server according to the game logs. Anyways here you go. Speaks for itself.

Screenshot 2023-12-31 110333

The VOIP and game instances are allocated on different server instances. I have a post from a while back with some details, I’ll try and dig it up

EDIT: The post I was thinking of does not contain the VOIP/game instance hosts as I thought; I’m certain that they are separate though. You need to inspect the HTTPS traffic when you join a lobby (using Wireshark, Fiddler or similar software) to see the instances you are allocated to

It’s actually gotten worse.

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I am not a network expert, but are you just pinging the DNS lookup server ( Is that a good test of connection speed? What if you ping a real server - maybe like the guy above who posted from the logs.

And a second question, are you going off a 5g mobile signal or something like that?

Not that i’m doubting your experience, mind you!

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