Enemies spawning on/behind players is back

Witness Berserkers spawning on people.

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Not just berzerks although this class backstabbing means all but IB are dead before they even know they crapped one out… let alone 3.
Entire packs are falling on people. Huge compiled issue report over this kind of thing- not related to ping issues- reported and acknowledged…
Just waiting for that patch…
The worst is the spawning executioner. With backstab audio now failing 50% of the time, this silent backstab is an instakill for elf, witch, engi, hunter and BH. We used to complain about the one single clan rat ass spawning… now it’s every enemy but the worst ones mainly and always silent and with optional god mode.

aaand just died to crapping out a shield guy. Even 1 tier enemies have that 100% HP taking backstab xD

Edit: Just lost last match to ENITRE PATROL spawning inside, under and above me… with no audio. Got 2 CWs down but no much defence against 12 overheads.


are you sure it’s back? i dont have experienced those situations, only on bad ping/connection. And that a green ping can be as bad as a red ping sometimes is common knowledge.

i mean the backstab sound which you have mentioned

Nah its definitely back. And is game breaking as noted above since horde trash on high difficulties only do less damage when there’s other horde around them. Getting butt poked for 50+ is not sweet.

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