Taking damage from invisible enemies, unkillable desynced enemies running through walls

Playing as client with non-green ping is causing me to take hits from enemies that aren’t visible literally anywhere on my screen or in the area around me. Obviously this is a desync issue, but I’ve never experienced this in VT2 before today. I’ve also been seeing a few unkillable enemies, moving through walls and climbing air, that don’t go down no matter how much I hit them.

Steps to reproduce - Play as a client with someone far away enough to give you yellow (140+) or worse ping. When hordes spawn, check all around to make sure there’s nothing near you. Sometimes you get hit. Sometimes you’re unable to kill things directly in front of you.

How consistently the issue occurs - Off and on throughout level. I imagine it changes due to internet connection fluctuating.

Screenshots and/or video evidence - none

Are you playing with mods? If so, please disable them to see if the issue persists.

I’m playing with No Wobble and Numeric UI, what I consider to be a pretty bare minimum. I’m not really willing to play without No Wobble (which is why I barely played the beta), and I’d be very surprised if either of these mods affected sync.

I had thought it might have something to do with Ranger Vet or Throwing Axes, but just experienced it on Merc. I had green ping, but a teammate had red ping, and I was taking phantom hits again. In this case, the horde was running up to me and hitting me before it was in range, but this time I at least could tell where the hits were coming from.

Talking to a friend, he thought it might have to do with the game dropping framerates and then struggling to catch back up because he’s been getting massive fps dips during hordes since the patch.

Are you sure it’s not beastmen with spears hitting you from behind other bigger mobs. They have a long reach and are very annoying to fight.

As for flying enemies and so on. That’s normally caused by hosts with a bad CPU or a CPU that can’t keep up. Tell the host to lower his GFX settings.

It sounds like the “Player List Plus” mod and “Smaller network Packets” in network settings in game. That’s a well known bug that also produces the same problems that you are describing.

I’ve been taking some cheap shots from the pink trash beastmen yes, but in these cases there were none spawned on the map at the time. Sometimes when it happens I can more or less tell what’s hitting me if there’s open space enough around to see what’s in the distance, but if it’s in an area with a lot of parallel spaces separated by walls, for example an Against the Grain farm, I can neither see what it is or even tell what general direction it’s coming from.

This isn’t happening every encounter, just off and on during an occasional run. I just played one where I had yellow ping, but all others had green, and didn’t detect any phantom hits.

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