Wondering about ghost attacks/teleporting rats/ping

I’d like to ask to the community, is it just me? I’ve updated to the new bogenbeta, but i’m having the feeling that there is something off, I mean, everything (animations, movements, attacks) seems more “fluid” but for some reason many times (not always, so it’s difficult to adjust my timing) I am late, just a little bit but enough for messing up an action. I also noticed that using bh crossbow (but I only played a couple of games, and using only this char) when I’m hitting something moving, from far, the visual hit shows up a little bit behind the monster, not on the monster. Also a couple of times a small rat appeared from nowhere, once I noticed because I was in parrying stance and something hit me, but I was in a open space and few moments before, while walking there, there was nothing around me, but looking again a rat was at my side.
Maybe network latency? Ping was around 100, but my internet connection always been bad, not just today :stuck_out_tongue: maybe much worse than usual?

it’s the ping, with 60, everything seems good

ghost attacks still happens for daggers when trying to hit 2 stacked rats as host. same issue may still happen for other weapons (sienna’s mace, etc)

ok ty

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