A small compilation of video footage with current problems

Hello there. I’ve compiled quite a few clips regarding some of the gameplay issues and bugs in the game, should be helpful for the devs to maybe recognise some of them and maybe come up with a fix. To elaborate more on the melee cancel animation, I think it has something to do with mixing attacks either with dodges or just simple movement, and maybe camera angle. I can recreate this thing, but not reliably.


This video has most of the annoying things ive encountered when playing this game. This post needs to be bumped till the end of time cuz it covers so many issues that are really starting to sour the experience. Thanks for making this video, its humorous and most importantly EXTREMELY relevant. No on can deny the issues on display here and you feel the impact of these problems in every match you play.

EDIT: I think you should put this video in the bugs section as well. Alot of the material has already been reported but it wouldnt hurt especially since all your points have evidence.


The unintentional melee cancelling at 1:25 in the video has been killing me the last two days. Wasn’t a problem the first week but now its happening pretty much every time I fight a horde


That enemy spawning out of thin fething air behind your teammate actually slayed me. That’s so horrible.


I think it has something to do with sprinting. When you sprint during a heavy attack it transitions into a sprinting heavy, which sometimes changes your animation, but then it just forgets to do the sprinting heavy.


Eek, I’ve got dodge and sprint both bound to shift. Now that I think about it it started happening around when I rebound dodge from space. Mighr need to rebind sprint :-1:


Actually now that you mention it the thing became a non issue when I rebound dodge to space bar again. Now instead of dodging sometimes I just jump lol.

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Very interesting point. I’ll have to test it out. Alas, binding both dodge and sprint looked like such a good deal, since you can’t really sprint sideways anyway and it helped you keep the muscle memory of dodging on shift for so many years in Vermintide games. Hopefully gets fixed



Enemies totally don’t spawn out of anywhere in rooms. /s

Good one, lots of frustrating bugs, oversights and/or poor designs that i wish won’t take two years to finally be ackowledged and addressed

So I’m not imagining enemies surviving/not being staggered and meleeing me when they shouldn’t. I was thinking to myself maybe the stagger wasn’t long enough but that didn’t explain why it was only one mob out of the pack able to attack me.

Good video.

Lots of things seem to be linked to latency to server (eh thanks Fatshark for hiding it eh) and performance of the servers (not great as of right now).

I can’t shake the feeling closed beta was smoother.
Anyway … I want to know the server locations I am connecting to and the latency I am forced to play with.


I think you are on the money here, a lot of these issues do look server related

Great video. There are a lot of annoying issues shown there which I’ve run into as well.

For me personally, the most irritating thing at the moment is that, as someone who enjoys ranged weapons more than melee, there’s rarely a place I can stand and hold, and enjoy effectively using my ranged weapon to hold a choke or angle.

Because almost always, enemies spawn behind me in a small area I have just cleared, either from a magic door or vent or dropdown, or literally out of thin air (as shown in the video directly behind your team mate).

It really robs the satisfaction out of using ranged weapon at times, especially because of the delay in re-equipping your ranged after being forced to switch to melee.


Use the veteran skill that makes enemies target you less, it works wonders.

Thats the definition of a band aid fix

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I really don’t fancy having to cheese my way around core mechanisms of the game. It would also force me to stand still, which is not only counter-intuitive, but impossible when there are ranged enemies and you are checking angles and peaking corners.

It would also result in enemies spawning out of thin air behind me and then running past me to backstab my team unless I perform perfect wack-a-mole as they move past me, which is just silly really.

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