Lack of responsiveness?

Hello all,

Am I the only one suffering from (very) bad responsiveness at times?
By that I mean, clicking on my melee weapon or ranged and not swapping directly (requiring a double or triple click), although I am not in the middle of an animation (I know there aren’t animations cancels)?

Or blocking/pushing where you see the start of the animation and then it suddenly stops and the effect didn’t happen (mobs are not staggered)?

I thought it was due to my performance but am running at a solid 50 FPS at those times.

So maybe due to lag? But anyway, wanted to see if others have experienced the same.


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I’ve noticed that melee attacks won’t fire if you’ve just come off of sprinting. Gotten me hurt more than a few times.

Vermintide 2 had wuite a few animations that got stuck sometimes and it took a LONNNG time for them to fix it.

The shield of Bardin attacks, same thing happens for the ogryn sometimes now. But also on one of his knives where the animation gets stuck midway and you have to cancel block to exit the state.

Not sure this is what the op is talking about though.
Stuff like enhanced sync etc also somehow slow down games sometimes.