Foot knight setup!

Hello guys!

just reached lvl 12 with kruber and my god i’m impressed by the foot knight! anyway i know nothing (:-p) about the role i have to fulfill and the best setup of weapon/talents and TRAIT of your equipment (especially the weapons traits)

atm i’m using the halberd and the blunderbuss but thats all.

Hi !

Kruber is great! I love halberd also and play 99% of the time with it :slight_smile: If you are lvl 12, just play and do not waste dust on crafting orange items, just play, craft normal halberd from time to time (every 50 power level difference) and once you will be able to play on Champion without a problems you can try swift slaying on it as a trait. I use it and it is great.
Just try other items and use whichever you like and have fun with it, up to Champion every weapon is viable, Legend is different.
For now you can also stick to Mercanery, he has great damage buffs and you will have more influence in low level games :slight_smile:

Ah, I am 30lvl Kruber Legend player :wink:

Keep using the halberd, it is by far the best weapon.

Ranged I use the handgun and just worry about specials.

Yeah that’s what I do too. Blunderbus could use a little more horizontal spread to deal with hordes tbh

I like the Executioners sword much better,especially on foot knight.
I pair it with the blunderbuss,since even at long range you can two-shot most specials(champion),or at the very least stagger them and it’s handy for clearing berserkers and packs.

I usually end up with most specials/elites killed,top boss damage & most revives. That’s what I focus on.

probably the wrong forum for this topic. but halberd and blunderbuss is good. executioner repeater and handgun good too. stamina shield is probably better than 5% resist or movespeed for your aura. rest probably depends on your playstyle. extra health is always good. stuff that helps you block and push is good.

Either play it more tank like with shield shoving and swinging or just go battering ram with 2h hammer or halberd.

For ranged, meh i dont like any, blunderbuss seemed to be nerfed last patch or at least i cant snipe specials from long range with it anymore.

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