How is Foot Knight in Legend?

I’ve been trying to get consistent in Champion and, although I don’t mind going Huntsmen Kruber if the team needs the dps, I prefer playing as Foot Knight Kruber with a +duration orange charm for stun spamming bosses. Is this viable in Legend?

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It is


Depends on the boss, chaos monster you might want to wait if you cant burst him down fast enough. The reason being for this is the charge is a good way to 1) stop him from eating your teammates 2) stop him from chasing your team mates. Conc pot might be overkill, if you get faster attack/strength, you’ll manage to get your ult up really fast while doing more damage to the boss. Also the more damage will take the aggro off your team and let you play dodge the swing for a bit.

Keep this in mind, there’s a big trade off with taking CD reduction vs Max stamina. With CD reduction you get more lock down on mobs and area control. But you loose the ability to revive teammates that have been caught in a bad spot, because you wont have the stamina to revive them if they’re surrounded.

See what your team needs and how they play. If it’s a random QP game, i’d go with reviving them over CD reduction. There are plenty of players that shouldn’t be in legend, they venture in and get caught in bad spots. You’ll need to save them plenty of times.

As for the charm, personally I like the gives the potion to nearest ally. I coordinate with an ally that needs that potion so we can do more damage, get ults up faster. Or just re position better with the speed burst.

What ranged weapon would you recommend? I was planning on Blunderbuss for getting specials off team mates but if I need to plan around team mates not killing far off specials then it’s not as good.

Repeater. Single shot mode for specials except mid to close chaos wizards; though they can be headshotted, bursting them down to ensure the kill is safer. If you have teammates who are very good at spotting and killing specials immediately, then you can try to keep enemies off of them and use Blunderbuss for its speed and power.

CD reduction, conc pot, decanter are excellent choices. Stam charge cd is a bit long; the team will need to play very conservatively since it will be saved for potential downs and there will be little preemptive cc. There are times where preemptive cc will be the superior option, and then you must charge with stam charge even if no one is down

On legend Blunderbuss is the best thing. Everything feels a lot more tanky and the Repeater just doesn’t do the job as fast/clean close range. If you can consistently hit headshots close range Repeater is better, but Blunderbuss is more consistent even when there’s a bunch of trash around you, it will get some shots off to prevent the CC or get them off your team.

Disagree, Legend is what made me switch from the Blunderbuss to the Repeater. Beefiness means teammates will be busier with all of the mobs and less able to deal with distant specials. Repeater can 2-3 shot while chain staggering most everything except chaos mages, and can get blightcallers as well as everything else at range. Burst fire takes care of leeches no problem. If you’re slower on realizing and acquiring, only then would chaos mages be a problem.

It is important to deal with specials. Blightcallers and globadiers can really ruin your day on Legend

I should clarify that normally I’m the best at immediately recognizing specials. As I said, if you have teammates, preferably plural, who are very good at immediately dealing with specials, then Blunderbuss can be used. Blunderbuss is superior for assassins, though worse for packmasters, especially at saving teammates from them, and of course is not much use at range

That’s not your roll as foot knight. That’s completely opposite of what you’re actually suppose to do. A foot knight isn’t going snipping blight stormers while his team deals with the mobs. Yes Reapter can 2-3 shot, while a Blunderbuss can 1 shot and get you back to mobs in front of you. As for hookrats, with a Blunderbuss you can clear all the trash infront of you a lot of faster and get to your teammate than you can with a Repeater. The Blunderbuss also enables you to get aggro from the bosses which helps your teammates get some relief.

Sure the Repeater gives you more mid/long range, but again that’s not your characters job. Foot knight is primary a close range character. There’s no need to reduce close range effectiveness of your hero because you want to stand still for 2 seconds and so you can hit a blight stormer. If that’s what you want to do consider playing characters that do that. If you’re team can’t deal with blight stormers in LOS and gas rats, you’ll be in for a quick wipe.

OP what weapon are you using anyways?

I’ve been using the Halberd for general versatility and range combined with either Blunderbuss or the Repeater. I’ve actually been dealing with exactly what you described, I do my best work just staying out of ranged characters’ way and dealing with surprises or rats sneaking up on them. I’ve been alternating ranged choices because I like being able to kill specials as soon as I notice them but I feel a lot more effective at rescuing people when I have the blunderbuss. So far the Handgun feels useless to me, but that might also be because I’m bad at quickly landing headshots.

Very good stuff! If you have any questions feel free to ask. Happy slaying.

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I found handgun better in legend, a lot of special can get oneshot, while with BB you need to 2+ shot to kill special unless really close to you ( aka melee, which resume to assassin and leech basicly, since packmaster dont get OS in melee with BB ). And if you are not fast enough on assa ( aka the second to shoot ), you will get a free FF shot on your teammate which really hurt with BB.
Ratling / flamethrower and assassin are oneshot in body with handgun.
Chaos sorcerers need to be headshot ( pretty easy since they stand relatively still )
Pack master and glob rat need to be headshot too, but glob rat go for suicide run after one shot most of the time. Pack master are easily handle by your charge.
It require a bit of practice with the handgun, but it does the job fairly well and you will need less ammo pouch since you can roll ammo recovery on headshot. While BB will take 2 shots for most special and no ammo recovery ( unless you play crit build, but i would not advise for that on footman ).
BB is more used to cancel at medium / long distance, but in that case i think repeater would do the job better while having way more ammo.

I used to play BB and go for special in close range in champion with the charge it worked really well since a lot of specials could get OS easily even at medium range, but in legend i play less aggressive and i place myself behind my teammate most of the time, since if you get hooked you cant charge ( hello silent packmaster ) while if your mate get hooked you can charge to help him. So first in front is not the best position for kruber imo, and halberd got a good reach so you can stand behind someone and protect him easily, while sniping special with handgun if needed.

Thats just how i play him not saying its the best way, but it fits my gameplay and nobody had share his handgun experience before so i though it could be relevant for the OP

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Another vote for halberd/handgun. If you already have a pyro skull spamming on your team you may want to go mercenary instead for paced strikes and the area knockdown. The charge is simply not good out of a boss fight, unlike the shout. Improved weapon cleave from mercenary is no joke either.

Handgun is great, I’ve recently switched from Blunder to that. Much more precise and gives you good ranged ability. Blunderbuss is better until you feel your aim has improved enough. You don’t have to headshot - you can bodyshot most Skaven specials, except for Hookrat, who requires a headshot (or two body shots).

I personally prefer either one-handed mace or two-handed hammer on Foot Knight. One-handed mace actually has great CC, and makes you much more mobile - great if you’re playing with a competent Ironbreaker who can hold the front. Hammer is better if you are solo tank, and it deals extremely well with most things, including hordes if you can joust well.

Halberd is like one-handed mace, better for off-tanking, as you can hit past your front-liner and murder any rats that get past him.

As a Kruber main(150h in closed test and live version combined. 110h+ were with Kruber, most of them Footknight), I can tell you that, in short, yes, it is absolutely viable.

My current setup is:
halberd +crit +crit dmg - swift slaying
handgun +crit +crit dmg - 2 ammo back on crit
necklace with +2stam +20% hp - passive heal
charm +crit dmg +attack speed - 50% longer potion effects
trinket +crit +curse resist - +50% bomb radius

Its not perfect and I will keep working on it, switching stuff out and rerolling where I have to, as I have been since release, but it gets the job done pretty handily on legend.

When I play with my friends, I double as the first and last line of defense. Looking for specials when things are calm and turning into a rat slaying machine when theres a horde. The stamina gives me enough flexibility to help out those that have been caught unprepared and the regen means I dont generally waste any healing and as such my friends can heal more often.

When I play with randoms, I switch my playstyle around as needed, often just leaving the rat slaying to others and instead focusing mostly on armoured targets and specials and only intervening in small rat business when needed. Again, the passive heals help me not waste any healing but its a pain having to tell every team I join that theyll have to heal me if I mess up hard.

Imo, the halberd is a must on legend. Its much too versatile to pass up. The rifle can be up for debate and could be replaced with a blunderbuss. Thats personal preference and also depends on whether youve got a good team with specialized roles or not. If you do, you might not need to be the guy sniping the stormers and can gladly switch to blunderbuss. The passive heals are my personal preference as I dont tend to get hit too much and with the +20% health from the necklace I can take more hits and it gives me more room to regen in between the action.

If your team wants ez mode, theyll hand you a concentration potion before every boss fight and youll just stunlock the boss with your charge while they clobber the helpless thing to death.

Kruber is not a must have for legend by any stretch of the imagination but hes very much a viable choice.

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Healing from boss kill, -CD on your skill, halberd and blunderbuss or sniper. I just stunlock bosses, keep enemies clear from my ranged mates, if some get too close and use ranged weapon for stuff like leeches or blightstormers.

Blunderbuss is probably the best, but I prefer long range and accuracy.

Stellar, minus the fact range is king right now and its very melee centric, so be prepared to get dinged with some FF or in some situations basically sit out while your team mows down stuff. I typically find myself near the top of the charts (which is irrelevant) but you have to know your role, its a very versatile build that adds a lot of support via stuns and saves and maintains a pretty tanky mindset even when dishing out damage, the primary difficulty is learning when to be defensive and when to be aggressive. Other than that its prolly Kruber’s best spec currently and can make some really game changing plays once you master the skillsets.

little update about handgun,

Definitively the go to weapon for legend, after some testing with power vs i finally got the best setup for it,
To one shot with bodyshot gas rat you need atleast 10% pw vs skaven on your rifle, this is a must have in legend.
Now if you want to one shot with bodyshot packmaster you need to invest 10% vs skaven, 10% vs monster on the rifle and another 10% vs skaven or monster on your charm. you ll get 30% more dmg against packmaster allowing you to oneshot them quickly, this is a big investment in dust so i would advise doing it on red items.

For chaos sorcerer even with full vs chaos gear you cant bodyshot them so you always need to headshot even without vs chaos gear, storm sorcerer are the easiest special to headshot anyway.

So with thoses stats you can oneshot with body shot all special except chaos which need headshot. It makes the handgun a must have in my opinion for legend.

This thread is outdated for next patch, but yeah foot knight can really do all that. Especially on Live. Your “close combat” is called pushing and cleaving.

It doesn’t matter that you “did your role” if the special is not killed and you wipe.

Blunderbuss reload is too slow. To get rats out of the way, it’s called halberd, push and cleave

Now to be fair, if characters are at low power for whatever reason, I would recommend the 2h hammer or other weapon first. 1h hammer is safe, but not interested personally. I actually do like shooting the Blunderbuss, but it’s better paired with the shield, which I also don’t play, but might if they buff

Handgun is way too slow. There is always more than 1 special

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