2nd line Foot Knight talents

The aura of the FK spreads to ALL ALLIES. True he’s individually less tanky then IB (or other tank classes) but he’s mobile, and has got greater support than the others (charge is mental CC, fast cooldown, and gives you 25% hero power! you tell me what’s wrong with 10 seconds when after an other 5 to 30 sec you have it again?)

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footknight isnt bad, its just others being overpowered.
but i agree most of his talent tree are just mess of bad choices.

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That may be true, but even those aren’t really overplayed. I have played a bit more than 50 legend games on every career, and I have more trouble finding teams to play some of the frail ones, as most of the time the team has 0-1 tanks.

Problem really is that merc does everything better currently and you can easily make him more tankier and obviously merc will kill stuff much faster without much of an investment.
Even the only really interesting thing the damage reduction aura is completely irrelevant when you compare it to merc giving you full temp health every 60 or so seconds.

Foot Knight is tough.
Ult have fast cooldown (even faster if you taking damage).
Ult gives you crowd control.
Ult can give you unlimited block for 10 seconds.
Ult allow you to save your ally in almost any situation - “coming through” and lift up your ally (I love to do so), then push enemies around ally to protect him.
FK have aura, that reducing damage to allies by 15-20%.

Tank - is tough character that can means to protect his allies, and FK have it.

FK is best protector from all characters.

You post looks like you want to make dd from tank, that is wrong.

About 2nd talent line,

  • first talent is pure tank talent and it is perfectly fine and usefull for saving your teammates
  • third talent… I can imagine it being used for increased stamina regen after shield bash, but 2 seconds is kinda small time, and it falls in the same tank category as first, and you can not choose them both. This talent was useful for two-handed sword, when push-attack was “heavy”, but now I am inclining to the thought, that it is not much useful.
  • and now, second talent is bantha poodoo. Without block you will be dead, tank or not. Maybe I am not undrestand for what it intended for, but I am doubts for some reason.

I will disagree. I prefer addtional damage resistance for me and my teammates than additional stamina shield that most people using. You can use stamina propeties on two items, that will give you additional stamina, but you have no properties for damage reduction.

4 of my 6 suggestions are deffesives, and you think I want to play as a DD FK?

What, your attention span cut in at the end of the quote and somehow prevented you from reading the rest of the post?

And what about the FK makes him “tough” - the “tough” looking armor aesthetics? Because his 25% damage resist most certainly does not. The supposedly not “tough” DPS careers are TWICE as “tough” in that regard IN ADDITION to dishing out AT LEAST 50% more damage. As for protecting his allies - 15% damage resist aura by default on Legend with all books makes what difference exactly?

I told you my opinion about your thoughts about “wasting talent”, snarky boy.

Foot Knight have 25-30% passive damage reduction.
Iron Breaker have 30% passive damage reduction.
Yea, tough enough.

Well, that is the problem with Oblivious to pain and Flagellant talents. Barkskin would suited better instead of those talents.

Yes, it makes difference. If you think otherwise, it is your right to have your own opinion.

People are aware right that aura ranges in this game are absolute garbage ?

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Yes, Ironbreaker has 30% by default, no talent needed, also just so happens to have an inherent ability to FULLY absorb (100%) one hit every 20 seconds (with talent 13 seconds). You can facetank a CW with that. And on top of that the Ironbreaker can aggro all mansized enemies for 10-15 seconds with virtual immunity. Now THAT makes the Ironbreaker “tough”. 25/30% damage resist by itself is NOT.

And I do have to waste a whole talent on the FK JUST to make even with the default damage resist of basically EVERYBODY else. Even DPS careers have TWICE as much. Slayer is tough, Zealot is tough, Unchained is tough, Ironbreaker is tough - the FK only looks tough, but ain’t. Compared to the 50% damage reduction AND 30% damage resist on the Slayer the FK’s aura of 15/20% damage resist IF you are next to him is a joke.

Now if at the VERY least the FK also came with 30% damage resist and you could stack the aura for up to 20% damage resist ON TOP of it it would actually make him “tough”, but we don’t get even that.

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Tanking is a playstyle. The purpose of a tank is to enable the rest of the team to do their thing as safely as possible. Being able to soak up damage definitely helps, because the tank is usually trying to be the center of attention and is therefore more likely to get hit, but being able to take hits isn’t strictly a requirement for being a tank.

To put it a different way, what makes a good tank isn’t the ability to take damage on the teammate’s behalf, but the ability to redirect enemy aggression towards themselves and away from their teammates.

Incidentally, this is what makes some “dps” classes like Slayer excellent tanks, while so-called “tank” classes like Unchained and Ironbreaker are actually pretty terrible at it.

100% with you there. A full tank line usually means there’s actually a fight.

Sounds to me like that’s a problem with the DPS classes.

Edited for clarification.


Does anyone actually know what the aura ranges are? I sure as hell don’t.

The aura of every class that has one would triple in effectiveness if there was a visible aoe field to show where they are.

When I choose FK, I do it for the low cd ulti. That’s his main role as I see it, to be able to stagger many foes at his hearts desire which will put him in a position to tank. No other character can do this.
That being said, some talents could use some adjusting.

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From what I’ve tested it barely is even the area where you open your boxes (the ring around it). Like the literal selling point for footknight is the aura but i’d argue that over 90 % of the run its not even in range to 1 of your party members.

And in turn you are sacrificing insane amounts of kill power, temp health generator, Attack speed cleave (arguably better for staggering) and better on click AOE stagger ability.
Seriously just spend a day playing merc with 2H hammer if you really need that stagger but it arguably does everything you said better with much less investment.

Indeed, i agreed with you.
Since the big balance, game is focused on melee more than ever but ranged. Sienna dead, Tank being overpowered and footknight feels under whelming.

I was actually thinking more about boss stagger. I see Merc as a killing powerhouse as well but I save his ulti for extreme cases.
With FK you can use the ulti way more casually and it recharges immediately, especially during combat. As for temp hp, Sword and shield can generate large amounts as well with stagger and has decent AP for armored enemies also with a bit of headhunting.
I agree that I can’t eliminate enemies as reliably as other classes but, going back to my initial comment, I play FK for other reasons.

I see a lot of talk about Foot Knight being tanky or able to endure many hits, but mercenary does this better while at the same time dishing out more damage.

The temp health from mercenary’s active far outshines the reduced % dmg taken/additional hp.

Like i am not going to tell you what to play since that is totally irrelevant but the things being said simply are not objectively speaking true.
Boss stagger once you learn how to effectively kite bosses is simply put meaningless factor especially on legend where pretty much everyone has this skill. Charging horde instead of just simply killing it with the most powerful cleave weapons in the game is again kinda pointless thing to do unless you are trying to CC that 1 pack-master or Stormvermin in which case Mercs ability does it arguably better.
Finally you can actually stagger and cleave stuff much better with merc while also staying alive longer. (due to increased cleave, power, stagger, etc)

If you really like sword/shield playstyle of footknight then sure go ahead don’t let me stop you but it really is not even close to being something that is ultra desired in a party.
(Shade can delete bosses in couple hits, sienna/merc can delete hordes making stagger pointless, and slayer/zealot can just go town on armored enemies)

And the joke is you can still have the 25 % damage reduction on paced strikes if you really need that damage reduction. While having superior temp hp engine and damage from just being a merc.

Improve the hp tmp generation, should be a good solution too.

Well Kruber overall is not strongest character from to pick, most of his weapon have very bad dodge count and dodge range, his attack patterns are slow (or garbage at all, halberd without block canceling is joke or even why charged have way lower cleave than light). Its like character who want some more challenge, otherwise you have powerhouses like elf or saltz (have even similar skills)

If you want to make him better just delete that slow effect on attacking, otherwise you need to cheese it by attack/block canceling

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