Swap Mercenary's and Foot Knight's Career Skills

Foot Knight is a tanky support who buffs the team with his auras and, as such, needs to stay close to them for full effect. Mercenary is a melee DPS whose kit demands he always be engaging as many enemies as possible. As such, Foot Knight’s Valiant Charge career skill is better suited for Mercenary and Mercenary’s Morale Boost career skill is better suited for Foot Knight.

Right now, we basically have the pro-DPS ult on the tank and the tank ult on the melee DPS. Giving Morale Boost to Foot Knight not only reinforces his role on the battlefield, it better fits the lore in that it demonstrates the bolstering leadership presence we’d expect to see from the career that most closely matches Kruber’s past as an infantry captain. Giving Mercenary Valiant Charge strongly reinforces his role as a frontline melee DPS and better suits his lore as a no-bs, aggressive merc.

At present, FK/Merc are both a bit eclectic and very clunky in how they handle and this change would really polish the character in general. It would help FK be a better tank and it would help Merc be a better DPS.


I think both career skills fit better on footknight. The charge helps him very well in his tank role, he doesn’t have the sheer tankiness of unchained/zealot/ironbreaker, so he makes up for it in being able to CC. It also works well to aid teammates in need, charging straight through the enemies to rescue them. It looks a lot better for a fully armored knight to charge through enemies.
At the same time, an inspirational ability is more in line with being a knight than a mercenary.
Although one thing, mercenary also gets the increased attack speed for teammates, so in general he might be meant to be an inspiring figure as him.

Yes but the charge just works better on merc and this’d balance krub out a lot. Being able to effectively close the gap and stay in melee range would give the char a needed boost in the overall fun/DPS/smoothness departments.


But it is worse immersion-wise.

How so? Intsead of Merc slowly trudging towards enemies only for them to be pre-murdered by your ranged players he’d be able to engage just as HM, Zealot, and Slayer do and he could stay in the fray. Instead of FK either moving outside of aura range or overextending then relying on the charge to save himself, he’d stay in a support position like Bardin does. Plus Merc is more lightly armoured and should be more mobile.

Cause FK is a massive iron mass, and it makes much sense when he runs into enemies and topples them. The skinny Merc though, I don’t think so. The other ult doesn’t make sense anyways, so it doesn’t matter who gets it.

I just figure he’s like 7ft tall and >200lbs of muscle anyways compared to the lil dudes he’s plowing over so in my head it makes sense either way. Kruber is to rat/fanatic as CW is to us.


Rats is just one type of enemy, and the weakest one. I can barely believe that a full-plated knight can knock them down, but if a gambeson/breastplate wearing dude will be able to do this, this is just gonna look ridiculous.

Yet again Morale Boost knock back would look, and looks, dumb on both.

Kruber’s huuuuuuge though. He’s like Arnold big or Karl Franz big.

Yeh but so does WHC’s or even IB’s. I’ve just assumed it’s a result of invoking a higher power. Kruber’s touched by Taal, Saltz is empowered by Sigmar + w/e divine awakening he had in the mines when vampire hunting, IB’s got Grungi/Valaya, Slayer’s got Grimnir, etc.

I had this exact idea some time ago. It will make gameplay of merc so much better! And will make much more sense for FK, that wants to stay close to his teammates for that aura to work

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