Foot kinght needs some ammo loving

As FK have low crit, scrouger trait doesn’t fit very well with his range weapons. Something like merc talents Helborg’s Tutelage or Black Market Supplies should balance this situation. I don’t want infinity ammo but yes more fair.

Why, not every class should have more ammo, in that way he kruber gonna have more ammo on every class


Why merc and not FK? :thinking:

Yea, I would argue that this is not needed. He’s supposed to be a front line tank, not a ranged dps. He already gets more than enough ammo with the repeater handgun to deal with tons of specials.

Depending on party composition and builds, he’s normally the only one who really needs to pick up ammo. Sienna doesn’t need it, shade and WS don’t need it, RV, slayer and 9/10 IB don’t need it, and finally BH doesn’t need it. His only real competition for ammo is the Zealot, HM and WHC. And even the WHC has decent ammo supply with Xbow or scrounger BoP.

I mean, Krubs is normally entitled to most ammo caches with a decent party.


Merc is not range neither

A Merc is a jack of all trades, master of none. It makes perfect sense for a Merc to be packing heat. But a knight of the Order carrying around tons of ranged weapons doesn’t make much sense, they’re known for their melee prowess.

It’s also a balance issues, he’s already amazing at being a tank and as I said, has enough ammo to deal with tons of specials. More than enough to get you half way through an entire map with out needing a refill. Now, if you want to burst down elites and waste ammo on hordes, I’d suggest taking a ranged dps.


high crit and 30% more ammo is not balanced for an everything heroe.
And with beastmen, I shoot more.

It is as he has no ammo sustainability outside scrounger. Unlike other range characters who can directly get ammo back. Also, his more ammo trait is on a talent line with far better choices.

By that logic, giving more ammo to a tank like FK is not balanced. He currently has the highest survivability out of all classes when his back is against the wall and all odds are against him. No other class can face tank an entire horde + patrol along with a boss and walk away with full HP, even if it’s temp.


Scrounger + 30% more ammo talent

You will still have to pray to RNG jesus. You do not have ammo sustainability. I’m curious why you’re trying to build melee classes into ranged dps? Would it not be easier to just take a ranged dps, if that’s actually what you want to do? Or is it because you want the ranged with the “tanky-ness”? Again, I don’t think this would be that balanced.

It’s the same reason people have issues with Zealots stacks working on ranged. It’s too powerful. You shouldn’t have a tank/frontliner doing the same thing as a WS, huntsman, BH etc.

I’m curious, what talent would you replace on the utility talent line.


My suggestion is so faaaaaar from a ranged dps. With your reasoning, merc would be a ranged dps now.
+30% in blundebuss turn fk in ranged?
Pray (as you say) to rng turn fk in ranged?
Merc has both.
I ask only one for FK, and neither options are very strong

Again, a Merc is a jack of all trades, master of none. Mercenaries are employed for different roles, and it would make sense to build him differently. I just don’t see a Knight in full platemail carrying around even more weight in the form of excess ammo bags. Knights train for in your face melee.

A Merc is also not a ranged dps, he may be able to take more ammo, but again, he doesn’t have the sustainability of a real ranged dps. I guess we just fundamentally disagree, which is fine.

Again, I’m curious, which talent in the FK utility line would you replace for more ammo?


Now, with +30% ammo and 20% crit with repeater, you can spam ammo everywhere. If I remember good, 3 bullets gain with scrounge.

+30% velocity when other heroe is down

Really? in a fantasy game weight of ammo? lol Anyway, then crit talent, so you dont have to carry any bullet lol

Interesting how someone actually believes 30%+ ammo to merc of all character is somehow a make or break of the career being somehow super strong.

If its for me, I don’t want change nothing in Merc, only add this to FK. If it doesn’t break merc, neither FK, more, without the same % of crit chance.
If +30% ammo is something minor, where is the problem adding this to FK?

I rather prefer good melee damage/defence talents, FK is not supposed to be ranged.
I using handgun with conservative shooter for free headshots when situation is allows it.


Because it doesn’t fit thematically at all. You are argueing how it wouldn’t be overpowered gameplay wise (debatable BTW, because FK is built to have his strenght in frontline melee), the others are argueing how it’s not fitting to have FK talents focussed on range because he is thematically a frontline beast.


OK, if that is de argument, why merc or any other heroe with high crit can make scrounge work? is this thematically right? IMO, it isn’t.

I would say that one of highest because IB with his all time ult or zealot both are stupidly hard to kill

But yeah overall its just dumb proposition that muddy his very clear style of gameplay

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It’s thematically a lot more fitting for Merc or Witch Hunter to be more jack-of-all-trades / DPS like heroes. Footknight is a frontline up-close-and-personal fighting immovable beast, where those other classes are more oppertunistically versatile killers, that use ranged weapons where appropriate. Elf (pretty much all careers) fits this as well, only Zealot shouldn’t be so good at ranged combat as he currently is considering his class flavour.

I guess we just have a difference of opinion on that though, and I doubt anything we say will convince you on that…