Kruber Legend Viability: FK vs Merc

Hey guys, been weighing the pros and cons of each career and honestly can’t decide which to main in legend.

Merc is more offensive but has less innate survivability. Aoe temp health ultimately +/- res and high crit with resourceful combatent make for great synergy.

FK seems like the safer choice however… Can stun lock boss and create space. Can stop pack masters just like merc shout w charge and is safer with the 20% damage reduction. I feel like his damage is still adequate w halberd.

Any arguments or reasoning why you choose to play one over the other would be great! I’m really just curious what people in the community have to say.

I only go with Footknight as I find the Mercs shield/res is way too situational as opposed to a charge can almost always be somewhat useful and has a shorter cooldown.

FK imho is a better choice. Merch has an active with a too much long cooldown and his more power is less evident than FK’s defense.

Anyway, as Kruber, I play Huntsman… so I am not the “best expert” about FK/Merch.

Mercenary Crit build is the most fun I’ve had in V2, Scorounger on shotgun and you wont run out.

If you do, break some noses with the stock of ye auld shotty 'till you crit.

They have to make mercs ult fill faster because charge is too reliable. You try to time the mers ult to get more benefit for all team but it never the case. Maybe it should give much more than temp health like speed and damage for all team. Maybe he would be usefull.

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