Kruber 2 hnd sword

Isn’t it a little bit worthless? Compared to all the other weapons, I mean.
Is it me? Probably I had different expectations, but shouldn’t be more a slow pole, able to do massive damage to armors more than a broom for the hordes?

It’s a very good weapon on FK and Merc if your ranged weapon can balance out its flaws (which is basically just armour and it isn’t even too bad at hat, just not stellar).

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isn’t the exe sword better at any of the things you wrote?
I’m just writing about my “feeling” while playing, so probably I’m completely off. I’ll give it a try again. ty for the feedback.

2h sword has better mobility than exe sword from a lot of different factors, and it really shows. Exe sword is indeed more killy though.

Exe sword and 2h sword have some overlapping in their use, but exesword has better armoured elite killing power and 2h sword is stronger against hordes due to better mobility, better speed and a slightly better attack pattern and the fact that the heavy sweaps don’t get stuck on armour as easily. Both weapons need a proper setup, though. For 2h sword, one of the most important breakpoints is killing chaos fanatics with a light attack body shot. Both FK and Merc can achieve this by choosing the “Reikland Reaper” or “Glory Hound” talents respectively and stacking chaos and infantry power. With this setup, the 2h sword goes through hordes like hardly any other weapon does. As merc, you can open up with a heavy attack so your paced strikes have a good chance of triggering and then with your attack speed and damage bonus (and some swift slaying), you just slaughter away with light attacks. Merc with paced strikes and 2h sword is virtually untouchable in a horde without needing to dodge much. FK has his power bonus pretty much on demand, but the same applies (and since he has an attack speed buff as a talent an gets 10% more power from Glory Hound than Merc gets from RR, you can drop one chaos stack on the sword for attack speed, effectively making his attacks just as fast as Mercs paced strikes. He has less crits, so SS doesn’t proc as often, but passive speed buff and Glory Hound give him alot more control over his rhythm). Pair that with a good handgun that can one shot any special and SV (and soften up CW with a headshot so you have an easier time taking him down with push attacks and heavy headshots) and you get a very solid setup. 2h sword is one of my favourite weapons currently in the game.