The Zweihänder Chronicles - 2h swords duo ALL MAPS LEGEND

Me and Bioshift did all maps legend duo with two-hand swords and put together a playlist, if anyones interested in seeing how two-handed swords play.

Bio also did a nice writeup of our thoughts on two-handed swords in general:

The most glaring weakness of Saltzspyre and Kruber’s 2h swords is their inability to effectively deal with armoured elites mixed with hordes. Contrary to popular opinion, they are acceptable at DPSing through armour, while being possibly the strongest weapons in the game at safely massacring hordes. However, armour in the mix does throw a spanner in the works.

Over the course of our 13 map expedition, we adapted a strategy to combat this enormous weakness. Incoming hordes will draw all ambient elites and trash with them straight to you, so the answer was to simply be proactive in eliminating every elite in any given area before the horde horn was called. This hyper-aggression was very possible with double 2h swords, since it only takes a few moments to focus down Warriors or Maulers, and a single person can juggle 2-3 Stormvermin at any given time, since the stagger is so strong on the weapon.

Understanding our weakness meant that when we were unable to clear all the elites before the horde reached us, we were more liberal in the use of our resources. We became very efficient at expending bombs or chugging potions to deal with elites + hordes in bad places, when it might not be immediately clear that it would be necessary. We also became more liberal with exhausting ammunition to quickly soften elite ambients before they reached us during or before a horde.

The boss damage of 2h swords is very underrated. Dealing around 25 damage per charged swing is much more efficient boss DPS than a lot of melee weapons. The problems start when mobility is required, i.e, against Chaos Spawns. They are also not so terrific against super-armoured lords such as Skarrik and Bodvarr.


Im bring up some old Phrases but with WH you have the “Killing Blow”, the around 15% Headshot-Boni from “Deathknell”, the 20% dogde Range from “Charmed Life”, feels pretty good to play with my Flameberger on him.

Edit: against CW & Co, if you Hit them with a charged Attack on the Head it staggers them, so if you have a “strong Sword Arm” you have a good Position on the Battlefield. To get someday to a Point, 2h Swords aren’t as bad as People say… atleast on WH, im sorry you Krubers ^^.

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In my limmited experience shield stormvermins are the worst offenders, especialy at events like Ratsknitt fight. You can propely cleave through them and it takes too much time to get their shields off, unless you do coordinated attacks with someone else. Other than that, I love weapons, going to look into your playlist and swords themself somewhere soon.

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Shield vermin are definitely a pain, i had to kill of 2 of them alone in war camp and in the time it took me to kill them, i could’ve killed a chaos warrior with time to spare and with more health left over.
Generally though we used Kruber’s handgun to deal with shield vermin, so if you’re a Kruber guy i definitely recommend that weapon. It’s also just great special killer and helps softening up or killing warriors at range, or provide quick stagger on them in melee.


Recommendations for killing shieldvermin solo:

  • Push them off a cliff
  • Make them climb something. They don’t have their shields up while climbing. You can often push them off to make them repeatedly climb if you can’t finish them off the first time.

If neither are available, try to isolate one.

But of course, working with your buddies so one person is on either side (one hitting them in the back where their shields aren’t), usually is the best approach.

Handgun is indeed pretty damn nice to have for this reason though. They certainly can be a pain. Especially if they’re mixed in with a horde… x.x

I run 2h sword on my Huntsman build and if you are thorough with taking out elites with your ranged, the 2h truly reveals itself as one of the best CC melee weapons in the game. The only thing it needs is a tad bit more range. Right now, push attacks of miss because the push is usually enough to move enemies out of ranged, meaning you have to close in, kinda defeating the purpose if you want to make space.

The Main Problem with Shieldvermins is more that every hit from someone else resets the Vermin, the best way to deal with them is 1v1(only one player against one) and going for the push-Attack on the 2h mostly opens them faster as everything else.

A little Solution is that Critical hits go through Shields cause they go through Armor so why not through a bloody Wooden Shield.

I honestly don’t have the feeling that it’s horde clear is that good.
If i go into the modded realm and spawn 30 clan rats, than killing them is for me easier with the following weapon.

  • Halberd.
  • Falchion.
  • Glaive.
  • Flail.

And that are all the weapons i tested.
Since weeks i try to make longsword work on WHC and i just can’t.
I just feal extremly inmobile and slow using it.
It’s really hard to find an opening without trading damage.
Its only working with mercenary for me cause of the insame attack speed you can get.

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