Two-handed Sword is way too underepowered compared to Executioner Sword

Yes, I see that there are tons of other posts asking for two-handed sword buffs, but Fatshark doesn’t seem like they want to even touch the damn thing so I’ll keep bugging them anyway.

Let’s see:

  • Executioner’s Sword has better and more efficient armor-killing
  • Executioner’s Sword has better swing pattern as a cleave weapon, even when it’s already strong against armor
  • Executioner’s Sword has higher critical power modifiers with normal swings, which does more damage than a Two-handed Sword’s charged attack against unarmored enemies (WTF?)
  • Executioner’s Sword light attacks slide through armor while the Two-handed Sword cannot, which is extremely crucial as a cleaving weapon. But somehow Two-handed is the one that doesn’t have it when it’s clearly the inferior weapon in terms of damage.

Edit: It’s also better at dealing with shielded enemies.

Literally no reason to use a two-handed sword over Executioner’s Sword. And I don’t like using X-sword because I honestly don’t like the charged attack. I’m not suggesting to nerf X-sword, but can we please give some love to Two-handed Sword as well? The very least you can do is give it the ability to slide past armor with light attacks. Or a decrease in speed penalty while using charged attack. Or even a decrease in damage fall-off through cleave which it greatly suffers when trying to deal with a mixed horde. Something. Anything.

You have two swords that are supposed to function and excel in different ways, but there’s a clear imbalance here when one of them can do both things better than the other.

Edit: You guys are right. Two-handed Sword does have a position to fill… to uselessly lie around a slot in everyone’s inventory. Because no matter how much you defend this weapon nobody is still going to use this slapstick even in pubs and that’s for one reason: it’s simply inferior to almost every other Kruber weapon and it deserves a buff. You’re all delusional.


its just ex sword being too good.
fact, theres alot underpowered weapons and this very post wont caught fatshark’s attention.
might wonder if i live within the hopeless world, if so yes i am.

I don’t like the heavy attack of the exec either. For me attack pattern is reason enough to pick a weapon over an other. In any case I think that 2h sword is better at dealing with armor-horde mix than the exec.

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2h sword can cleave armor! It far outpaces the xsword when dealing with a mixed group of horde + armor, and the pushstab is excellent at dealing with single armor targets.

Exec sword is harder hitting, but when it comes to fighting mixed groups I’ll take the 2h any day. I think they’re both in a pretty good place since the 2h buff… if anything, the exec sword needs a slight buff to remove the possibly accidental nerf to heavy headshot damage.


Man the two handed sword is godly if you compare it to the shield and sword/mace, probably the most underpowered weapons in the game…

2h sword is perfectly fine. You can gear it to 1 bodyshot fanatics and with combinations of heavy swings and push attacks, armour isn’t a problem. It’s a very good weapon on both FK and Merc and while I personally wouldn’t use it on HS, I wouldn’t want to use xsword on HS either.

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Outclassed in my opinion.

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I didn’t realize the xsword light attacks slide through armor… but even so they don’t damage it. The 2h heavies can cleave and damage multiple armor targets in a mix horde, and more importantly they stagger them. Even if xsword lights slide through they don’t stagger so you’ll just get your face stabbed in.

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2h sword is fine. Armour cleave lets you fight mixed hordes and heavy/push headshots will deal with CW and SV easily, light spam can stagger hordes before they hit back because you have so much cleave, and heavy attacks do big damage to monsters and zerks. 2h sword also benefits more from attack speed because it doesn’t speed up the x-sword charge.

Executioner has it’s own pros and cons but the one place where it loses to the 2h is mobility. In order to use the heavy attack you must come to a near complete stop.

So: I’ve only used the Executioner Sword since I hit level 10 with Markus. Since then I’ve just loved the chomp sound it makes when you hit an armored opponent in the head…

Is the Two-Handed Sword as fun to wield? I can hardly remember. By the way y’all are talking about it, it seems rad.

On Merc: Put Chaos and Crits on Sword (SS, duh), chaos and infantry on charm, Reikland Reaper and The More the Merrier. With Paced Strikes, you can 1bodyshot light attack fanatics and with enough enemies around, you can 2 light attack bodyshot marauders. On FK, you can either go the same route and with Glory Houd, your light attacks can do the same. I prefer going attack speed and crit chance since together with the level 5 attack speed buff, you essentially have paced strikes on all the time (which makes up for the lower crit chance a bit) and can still 1 bodyshot fanatics. The 2bodyshot marauder is only possible with another chaos stack, but I don’t find that break point that important and charged headshots still frag them in one hit. Charged attacks also have very decent boss damage.

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With these sort of replies, Two-handed Sword will never get the buff it deserves because all of you keep saying that it’s “fine”. And that will keep Fatshark giving a blind eye on the weapon’s balance. You can never look at someone straight in the eye and tell them they should use a Two-Handed Sword over an Executioner Sword in any sort of hard/challenging run.

Executioner is just straight up better than Two-Handed Sword. On any characters. On any situation. You can keep bringing up fringe builds and situations where it’s “okay” but simply using the damn thing ingame will immediately make you feel like a lawn mower on wet grass (even more against shielded enemies). I want to like it, I want to use it, I want a lot of other people to use it and that’s why I’m pushing it to be buffed.

Stagger. Not kill them immediately. The damage fall off from cleaving multiple units can’t kill them immediately and opens up opportunity for you to get hit. Not only that, but you end up spreading your targets around, which is something that you’d never have to worry about when using X-sword against a horde because it kills them outright or easily get headshots because of the better swing pattern.

Looking sideways and dodging towards your target while charge attacking is something that literally everyone does with X-sword.

Uh… no? Just because I said the word “stagger” there doesn’t mean that the 2h sword fails to kill things by any stretch of the imagination. I play mercenary with reikland reaper and I can already kill 3 rats in one light hit, 9 if I crit. I can only kill one fanatic in one hit, but I can kill 3 in two hits. I don’t “spread them around”, they just die. Where the stagger comes into play is the tougher enemies like marauders and SV, I can chop up a horde with a few sprinkled in and the stagger keeps them busy while I shred all of the lesser enemies around them.

Comparing 2h sword light attacks to executioner light attacks is apples and oranges. Both deal about the same damage, cleave about the same, and both will reliably headshot anything under the crosshair. Executioner lights do not noticeably kill faster than 2h sword lights and are in fact slightly inferior in terms of stats. I much prefer the 2h sword because if I see something big coming I can just switch to heavy attacks without changing or interrupting my attack chain, that almost doubles my cleave and lets me cut through armour too. Executioners don’t really have a plan B like this, light attacks don’t do any armour damage, so if they run into something they can’t hurt you have to use the slow heavy attack. That may be difficult to impossible if you are already engaged with a horde, you just don’t have the time to use it.

I would bet that less than 1% of the playerbase bothers to use this tactic on a regular basis or even knows that it exists. Particularly with this weapon, the dodge range on the executioner is so bad that you’ll only get a few extra feet of reach. If you simply judge the distance correctly before charging your attack in the first place then you don’t have to do this.


That’s because for most of us, the Two-Handed Sword is doing just fine. They are two different weapons, with different strengths and weaknesses and different ways of using. The Exec is stronger when used well, true, with good ways to deal with all kinds of enemies (and it’s devastating against armor when you get those headshots through), but that’s counteracted by the Two-Hander’s ease of use and non-reliance on headshots. Especially mixed hordes are something that are tricky to deal with on Exec.

What fits one player’s style doesn’t fit another, and the Exec seems to fit you well enough to justify not using Two-hander.

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2H sword is ok as someone else already stated. It’s strength is the fact that it can cleave through armored targets with charged attacks (except chaos warrior? I don’t remember honestly). Which makes it a very forgiving weapon to use vs mixed hordes. Especially if you are a new player or abit uncertain about what to use. The 2H sword is a safe card to play. Simply because of how it works. It’s not the best dmg or the best cleave. But it does allround with no real strong downsides making it overall a good allround weapon.
I’ve only found it to work best on Mercenary. Going full chaos+attack speed and max power from talents. Simply to make it easier to cleave chaos hordes since skaven hordes are weak as is.

The Executioner Sword is a different weapon. Infact I would not even want to compare it to the 2H sword since they work so differently. The Executioner sword has one of the best cleaves in the game and one of the best anti-armor charged attacks. Difference is that you cannot cleave that easily vs mixed hordes. But for clean hordes it clears house. The charged attack hits only 1-2 targets (depending on how the enemies align). But it’s very powerful. Rolling just one 10% vs skaven or armored is enough to make it a consistent 1-shot charge attack vs storm vermins. It’s strong vs chaos warriors aswell aslong as you nail those headshots. This weapon works best with Mercenary.
However it is abit more tricky to use. Especially during mixed horde since the cleave instantly stops vs armored targets letting enemies on the safe side of armor get a free hit on you. So you have to decide if you want to try and get that armored kill or continue cleaving and hope a teammate helps you out.
Another major downside to this weapon is it’s lack of dodge capabilities. So whenever you play with this weapon you kinda have to go “all in” and make sure you kill everything you hit since you have only a few dodges to use. Also the dodges are shorter in distance with this weapon putting you in an even worse position.
If I where to compare Executioner sword to any other weapon kruber has it would be the 2H mace.
It works pretty much just like executioner sword except the charged attack is the cleave and the light is the powerful hit. While the executioner sword has great power the 2H mace has great stagger. It’s all down to which weapon you prefer to use. I’d say give them all a try and see which you find works best.

Personally I don’t bother with any of these weapons anymore since the Halberd is completely OP compared to these weapons. It has amazing cleave, good charged attacks. Full armor piercing on any attack (try it on a chaos warrior, you can just spam lights and do dmg). Good dodge and an amazing range.
Still, the 2H sword and exectuioner sword fill different roles I guess. It all comes down to how confident you are with either weapon. Doesn’t matter if someone else thinks the weapon is trash tbh. If you feel confident with it then use it.


I like the 2h better against trash, exec better against armor. If I’m playing with friends and I know their builds, I’ll use whatever compliments them better. I have more experience with the 2h, so I use it more solo.

dunno about underpowered, i dont play that much kruber (not that i dont like him thats just how things turned out, he and bardin turned out to be my less played chars compared tto the other 3)

i used @LuiKangBakingAPie buildsuggestion a couple of rounds the last couple of days
and ended up top on damage. that is with me playing with people that are pretty good at there classes, and with me being pretty newbie at krubermerc 2h swording
so im fairly certain that someone that is more used to kruber and the weapon itself will get much better results

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Similar builds also work pretty well with Salty’s 2hsword. Setting Zealot aside (obvious what to do here), both BH and WHC have the option to reach the very same break points easily.

The light attack on crit will do some damage and if you hit their head you do full damage. Just swing light attacks with xsword on SV head level and watch em die. The charged attack is great and you can side dash during it and destroy armored targets. I mostly delete SV in 1 charge attack and CW in 2-3 charged attacks depending on crit. Hell, diving in frontally vs a packmaster with a charged attack usually kills em instantly I don’t even have to dodge their hook.

Mercenary Kruber with xsword is a beastly combination.