Marcus Kruber Executioner Sword Needs rework

Or based on his experience with axe and falchion ~~

If that’s directed for me then i got to say my reply was mainly directed towards the op. If your combo works for you then go for it. 2ndly with 5 % power vs skaven you can reliably already headshot kill stormverims with the power attack no other breakpoints really matters as much.

Swamping what weapons ?

Nah I played for months as Zealot now I’m new to the Merc , chillax , you wrong

Swapping from your currently equipped melee weapon to the handgun mid-combat.

It can get a little hairy when everyone is swinging and the horde is on your face, but it’s one of the things I’ve practiced a lot because I was our only “Special-Enemy Remover.” Push the horde back with melee, swap to ranged, kill your target, swap back to melee and keep fighting the horde.

Yes and zealot is one of easiest and most forgiving class, exec is in good place but need a lot more skill to use correctly

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@Perteks, let’s keep things on track, shall we? You called him out and he addressed you, but that’s still on you for posting off-topic.

This is a place of spreading ideas, suggestions, and information. Let’s keep it that way :smiley:

@SICKOMODE we actually had a really detailed conversation on both the Executioner Sword and the Two-Handed Sword if you are interested in the read:

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Going from the most overpowered, unkillable class to any other is going to make them seem weak. Zealot is pretty much impossible to die on with the right build and can solo all current content. You’re going to have to up your game and play with more skill if you want to master the other classes.

First of all, ex sword is amazing. And you barely need any power VS skaven to 1 shot SV. As people have said, handgun goes through SV shields as well. If you can’t deal with armour + horde, perhaps try the 2 handed sword. It doesn’t stop it’s cleave when it hits armour, and since the Merc already has much more cleave, it’s a good mix. The halberd is also a solid choice for dealing with hordes and armour. And, as you do on all classes, stack crit chance and put swift slaying on melee.

  • Nerf EXE!
  • no nerf

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RIP poll, clicked nerf while scrolling on the phone. Kek

Edit: Oh, you can change your vote. Also, wut? Why nerf Ex? Oh. The orignal post, lol. Is he trolling now? I completely missed the part of him asking for a nerf.


You Mean Like swap between Executioner Sword and Repeater Handgun?

Regular handgun goes through shields. Repeater will run into the same issue of hitting the shield.

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Also, what is even going on. He asked for the nerf and voted against it? Trololol


@SmokerT69 it’s sort-of a 50%-50% split. The original post was a nerf to damage but buffs elsewhere, so it’s likely he doesn’t view it as a nerf :stuck_out_tongue: even so, funny.

I also didn’t realize you could change your vote. Nifty!

Lol thats quality, better nerf EXE.

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Ah boy. This is just gonna devolve into shít posting. Lol… inb4 lock.


Yo I didn’t started , just that Hater , chillax

I also think Zealot damage output needs a buff and Slayer can’t soak up enough damage. While we’re at it, the Shade is far too weak at boss killing. This whole topic is absolutely daft.


Trying to steer this thread back on track (futile effort though it may be), using most weapons in different situations is a question of tactics and knowing what to do. Exec Sword has attacks to deal with just about anything, but they’re quite separate from each other and while simple in purpose, need a bit of premeditation to use because of their single-purpose nature.

Its light attacks cleave through a horde; its heavies decimate armor and other single targets; pushing can open up shields. You cannot simply keep swinging to destroy everything; you need to know what you’re doing - and make space and time for those heavies if Elites come with the horde. Effective dodging and pushing can create that space even in the middle of intense combat. Of course, as others said, another trick is to complement your melee with the ranged weapon: if armor, alone or mixed with a horde, seems to be the problem (and if that’s the case, another melee weapon may be a better choice for you as Exec’s single target damage is very good, armor or not), Repeater Handgun or even Blunderbuss can deal with them quickly; if Shieldvermin bring in more problems, aimed Handgun shots ignore the shield and still penetrates armor well. In fact, quickly switching between ranged and melee is a trick that’s quite deeply engraved into higher-level players’ skills, and it’s pretty integral to dealing with a lot of Elites and Special on later difficulties.

So no, I don’t think Executioner’s Sword need changes. It’s strong and can deal with different situations, it just takes more skill and knowledge than many other weapons to use its abilities well.


Don’t ask him that, you trying to get his new account banned as well.


I think it’s the best weapon for Kruber, clear hordes easily and use heavy attack against armored enemies
just increase attack speed and you will be fine

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