Give Better mobility to Kruber's executioner's sword

Faster movement while blocking

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In my opinion Executioner’s is very strong on Kruber (especially Mercenary) right now. Perhaps even too strong (or other weapons too week?)
You have amazing Elite Killing Power (I’d say the best in the game right now) , Great Horde Cleaves with the light attacks.
The weapon has to have at least on negative aspect. Which is mobility.

Try to block more reactive and don’t just keep blocking pressed if something bothers you. Push or dodge and counterattack. Then such low mobility shouldn’t bother you that much.


Maybe you right but I prefer mobility over everything, that’s why I main Slayer, but yeah Merc Is very underrated huge potential if you play him right

Then I suggest you try another weapon. Quite simply, the executioner sword is in a really, really good spot right now and any buff would make it really OP.
If you value movement, you should try one of the 1h weapons.


Mace and Sword if

That one’s good too, I believe. Thing is, 1h mace and 1h sword both have ‘mobility’ as their big selling point, with huge dodge distances and dodge counts.

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Merc can turn the regular 1h sword into an absolute beast, with his built in crit bonus, power enhancing talents and Paced Strikes. Stack +power gear to give it some massive cleave.

Heavy>Light>Repeat - Anti horde combo, swing at head height and it’s just as deadly as executioner sword.
Heavry>Heavy>Light - Anti elite combo, not great compared to x-sword but it does the job well enough.

It also has excellent stagger, great mobility and good dodge. It’s a greatly underrated weapon.


I don’t care bout stagger, man

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suggestion without any thoughs put into it, nice didnt expect anything more from him

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Many other weapons are just complete sh-t. Not that Exec is OP.

And reason why it feels decent on Merc is because of the attack speed bonus that is easy to get going and keep going, the weapon is so damn slow, it needs AS buff, at least on overheads.

Without attack speed bonus it’s pretty hard to hit Minotaur, it’s nightmare to attack even normal units because they will often f-ck you up while you are in the middle of the attack and you can’t even block during that time. Or you start attacking CW’s and he will just slap you in the face again during the attack… and you can’t do sh-t to them with lights, so once you’re under pressure and need to do overheads, it’s kinda problem.

I’m playing Exec on FK and it sucks, for these reasons and for others also.

For example the AS bonus on push is still only 3 fu… seconds that’s a joke. And you have to connect the push, not pus-attack part of the push combo, and you are super slow… so… it feels bad to try to get super close with long range weapon (completely ass-backwards) to get that 2 second post push buff for some attack speed … or pushing like chaos warriors, which is otherwise pointless… again to get the AS buff…

And then there are the crap stagger talents, there is no smiter so you can’t one-shot properly elites… and you can’t drop attack speed on items for more +PvWhatever, because then the weapon feels even worse and you’ll get murdered before you can connect hits.

And on top of that FK has basically no temp HP generation, but that’s just cherry on top of the whole Executioner on FK experience. (Again issue that’s not fixed since beta of S1)


Thats a down point for executioner’s. But you can work around it.
On mercenary I use the dodge aggressive. So charge the overhead while out of reach. Dodge to the Elite and don’t miss the head. I don’t know if the Dodge distance for Foot knight will suffice. Keep in mind you can dodge around while charging your Overhead.

Just dodge their attack and immediatly counter.
Works like a charm

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Works like charm if you got few elites on you, not when you’re being showered by missile running attacks from trash mobs and pack of elites, maybe with boss as cherry on top.

It has too many downsides and not that many upsides anymore, and if you are not using it on Merc… well that’s some extra pain for you. That weapon should be fun and work well on all 3 classes not just on one.

Now compare this to some meta fast/faster weapons, it’s in weird spot. Not being able to block quite often and having terrible mobility are massive downsides. Especially now, since 2.0, when horde control is way harder than ever before, beastmen are just pain to deal with and dodge got nerfed hard, and as a bonus mobs will sometimes kinda ignore the dodge and do weird 90/120 degree turns in last half a second and slap you anyway even after dodge.

All this is relatively strongly countered by having more mobility and fast weapon/weapon that can actually block when needed.

If your attack takes 1000ms and mobs can do their whole attack animation in < 1000ms, and you can’t block during 800 out of those 1000ms, you will run into problems, quite a bit.

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You can roll movement speed onto items to make up for the mobility loss. That’s what I use to do with ex sword. It’s pretty strong tho… I doubt it needs any buffs.


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Movement speed (Walking) there ain’t such buffs

There are. On the fifth item (forgot the Name, but the same as for Curse Resistance) you can roll +5 % movement speed.

Ok and how do I deal with no damn crit if I use movement speed ? :rofl: And I have no other way of getting more crit from talents ?

This will lead to not proccing the SS, which will make you attack in slow-mo matrix mode while everything else is going on full speed :joy: The proc rate of SS is already horrible on FK. Can’t afford to make it 33% worse, for 5% negligible movement speed buff.

The choice of traits and properties are always personal choices. In that particular scenario you might have crit chance as the second stay. (yes if you want CDR or curse resist it might make for a tough choice, but not exclusively so in this situation).

5 % MS is worst possible pick there, anything else will provide more value. And it’s 5%, not 10 or 20, so it’s not really changing anything in action, you’re not avoiding or outrunning attacks because u have 5% extra MS, it won’t help you even on max MS Shade build.

So that is not solution, that’s just making it even worse for you overall.