Give Better mobility to Kruber's executioner's sword

Is The Movement Speed faster while blocking, If I add 5% Movement speed

Yes but you won’t even notice it.

It’s a solution to some, maybe. I can’t speak for me personally because I too think the exec is and have been in a good place for quite some time. The arguments for change in this thread, from my point of view, is the same kind of change that would make all weapons equal in all ways (if taken to the extreme) and thus, in my opinion, would be a terrible decision in regard to game design.

It’s a huge, heavy 2 handed sword you cant expect to have good mobility with it. It handles hordes well, as well as elites so it’s almost op but as of now fine as it is.

Hear me out.

Buffing actual best weapon to be more gooder on the actual best frontline man.


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You have amazing Elite Killing Power (I’d say the best in the game right now)

I always imagined this weapon underpowered against armoured opponents but have had the toughest time adopting any other weapon as Merc Kruber. Might need to try it out again.

Go with Heavies for the headshot that’s important

It was indeed in good place for a long time, but the stagger umgak made it that you can’t one shot elites now, unless you got Smiter and if that talent is not available well… sucks to be that kind of Kruber. Plus before you could control old skaven and chaos hordes just fine, now it’s a struggle.

I’m not saying it’s impossible now, but man, I got few hours in this game and it requires some intense focus for me and yet, I get fu-ked over here and there by some weird quick flick running attack or just sudden quick running attack that I can’t block because I can’t stop the heavy attack animation.

Using the exec now and using it before is extremely different experience.

Another thing is that before you could move slow and control stuff, now you get spearman and gors and archers and you have em out of reach plus getting arrowed … it’s super annoying and not enjoyable experience. It’s like playing some VT2 handicaped edition.

While if you got mobile weapon, it’s not big deal at this point.

Overall the main issue I see is that heavies are super slow, when buffs like SS or PS are not up and I get bullied to death if things go bad and I get elites pushing on me, because I can’t attack them. That just sucks hard, and should not be the case. This is not the problem with most other weapons, you usually can attack without getting slapped in the meantime and without ability to even block it.

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I’m mostly just annoyed by the fact that you have to run smiter for the elite killing otherwise its complete RNG bollocks if you get the crit or not.
The general control and killing power against trash enemies is still exceptional and hardly needs changing.

Well put and reasonable arguments in this post. I haven’t played too much with it recently, but at least having breakpoints for hs kill on all/most elites (excl. CW) is indeed important for using the exec sword.

Is horde cleave/stagger vs mobility an issue on Merc as well? If not I think it would be a bad idea to adjust that part of the weapon. FK has a low cooldown mobility ult making it possible to use even worse weapons, in terms of mobility, such as the 2handed hammer.

Ok, but…

Skaven and Chaos hordes being more difficult is a result of enemies being buffed and horde compositions fine tuned to include more variations, such as shields and larger groups of elites (which could defeat a lone exe-swordsman before).

Maybe forgoing Smiter for better horde clear (while still being great at Elite/boss damage), or taking Smiter to hit elite breakpoints (while still having superior horde clear only behind a flamethrower) is acceptable.

Beastmen hordes are hard in every context, and getting pelted by a surprise 30 archers is frustrating, but I still just don’t see it as a strong reason to make the actual best DPS weapon in Kruber’s arsenal (if not the best in game) a highly mobile and defensive weapon, too.

Both Merc and Footknight can be built around the exe-sword, too. Merc can actually reach IB levels of damage reduction or take a dodge skill that makes facing grabby spawns easier. The footknight can actually just up and relocate to any position they want with F, yes crowd-clearer is excessively short, but you should be pushing enemies anyway making it not that attention-demanding of a skill.

I just don’t see the benefit of buffing a weapon that 95% of Kruber players are already using.

Imho it’s a larger speech. I mean, Exe Sword is a good weapon… There are tons of Krub’s weapons that are in a much worse spot… But (imho) mobility could still be an annoying problem. It’s not just Exe Sword… There are more 2h weapons, maybe good, but that sometimes they say to us “Sorry, you haven’t enough mobility to win this situation. Just die, regardless your skill”.
With 2.0 we got a different gameplay, an harder one that needs more skill, responsiveness, readiness… And some weapons should be updated.