Foot kinght needs some ammo loving

Its stupid be he should actually have swapped how his passive work with unchained, and unchained with him (only melee for zealot and both for unchained)


Yeah, that would fit a lot better indeed.

The problem then would be, unless they nerf it a whole lot, that would make Unchained begin to compete with BW and Pyro in ranged damage as well (while having higher HP + damage reduction AND better melee), and that’d just be stupid too.

FS at times already has had difficulty setting apart BW and Pyro, like when BW was inferior to Pyro, (which has improved over time thankfully, first with the introduction of Lingering Flames and now with the talent rework) how would you differentiate Unchained at range? BW has a utility lean, Pyro basically already is the strict raw damage at range Sienna career in the form of crit etc…

I agree it’s weird Zealot gets extra ranged damage however. He probably shouldn’t.


I read it as a verse for some reason.

Nobody said it must be equal buff to ranged

To be honest, if it could be balanced, I’d rather the FK had no ranged weapon and instead another melee. But I don’t see that being done without a lot of tweaks and balance. It would be cool to switch from Shield to a heavy DPS weapon and start messing up elites/bosses as well.

At the same time, if he had to used ranged, it should be limited to magazine/clip weapons. Which I don’t think he has :joy: He should get an exclusive sort of magazine weapon, something like the handgun but with a 5 round clip/magazine.

I dunno how experienced everyone is with fire arms, but loading rounds with a glove on is a pain in the arse. It’s the reason why I always used fingerless gloves in the army. I can’t imagine how much harder it would be to load rounds with a platemail glove on XD Meanwhile, Krubs is here loading a musket in seconds, something which even the best marksmen of the era took nearly a full minute to do. If I’m not mistaken, it wasn’t until the Swedish king put out huge reforms that soldiers were able to fire them every 20 seconds. I’m assuming the handgun in the game uses a paper cartridge with a loose fitting ball. At the same time, I understand it’s a game, and no one wants to sit around for 20 seconds to a minute to reload, but still.

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To be fair I imagine you weren’t firing at giant rats armed with halberds in the army, that or my impression of what the army does is pretty far off.

Gloves also haven’t stopped Empire pistoliers and outriders from using guns, different universe different mechanics.

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Well, that would of been a lot more fun…

Again, they’re using muzzle loading rifles. I was speaking more about chambering rounds into a breech with gloves on.


I only want to be able to use the spear on the FK. Lore reasons or not, a spear can be used by everyone, even a knight

I would see better a Zealot without ranged weapons. Lore says that “zealots” are mad men that charge eveything is hostile, waiting the death.


Gangster spec when


Word to Sigmar, I’m bout to bust a cap in this rats ass. He’s gonna need the bandanna from the huntsmen class though.

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Only if we can have a wiseguy Saltzpyre.

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Imagine using his charge with a spear and decimating everything in his path

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