How to prevent huntsman ult abuse and possibly future exploits

Just add a block function to purple potion so you can’t cast another ult unless previous one duration has ended or you used it like Shade ult after striking.

Because changed talent for huntsman which reduced reload speed to 20% from 35% is not that usefull at all. I mean the only weapon that benefits from this are repeater and handgun. A 2 second window of reload was much better.

Also Longbow is still unaffected by weapon reload speeds.

I kinda like that THIS is their idea of adressing such a problem in general. Like, they could find a workaround that would still make the talent viable and not so exploitable ( problem was an exploit that worked even without the ult iirc), but no, they just change the skill. Same with weapon balance. That is NOT how you balance a game.

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