Delay on Huntsman

After the 3.1 patch,
There’s too much delay whenever huntsman fires his longbow while his ult.

Especially the second shot.

There’s no doubt that it’s a huge deal loss to him since he has to shoot as many as possible in 6s. (He was able to shoot 6 times before patch, but not now)

I wish FS to check this out in hurry and fix it.


About this, anyway, I feel pretty sad that his ult can improve Blunderbuss and Handgun rate of fire… but not Longbow’s one.

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the delay is only on zoom, not damage

the full damage charge should kick in at the same time as before, you just won’t zoom in if you fire as fast as possible


Yea , this zoom so terrible

I agree on the zoom being weird, I’ve just popped in to ask why people aren’t spam shooting the arrows as they’re free during ult?

I thought it was an easier damage burst to spam bodyshot bosses during ult than trying to aim headshots/charged shots?

I’m not being snotty, I genuinely thought spamming arrows as they are free caused more damage over the course of your ult without needing to aim? Have I missed something>?

@Argonaut14 I agree with you there.
Quick shot spamming is kinda better for everything outside of bosses.
(DPS tests are needed for bosses + bosses don’t always keep their head still)

Most enemies take 1 headshot to kill, some enemies like the Chaos Warrior take 2 - 3, but still extremely fast with quick shots. He can get a lot done in 6 seconds.

iirc this bow zoom is the same as it was on release. I don’t particularly use zoom because I’m a huge shotgun fan but I can see why most people hate it.

I agree with Fatshark that Kruger’s bow should be different than elf bow but it doesn’t make sense why there is a huge delay.

I mean, c’mon, I have HUGE muscular arms. I think I can pull back an arrow a little bit faster :laughing:

It just feels so strange switching between Kerillian and Kruber longbow because of the zoom differences

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Yes! I second this twice over and willing to throw a shilling on top!

I actually like the new zoom. I could never get into it before, but now you have a clear option to shoot at close/medium range fully charged and also are able to fully charge shoot and zoom in alot, but you are not required to zoom in to be able to shoot a fully charged shot. In gameplay the delay doesn’t really impact it for me, as when i don’t have much time to shoot i’m most likely close to enemies, and i don’t really need to zoom, so the zoom being a bit delayed doesn’t rlly impact it. When an enemy is further away i need to zoom in but i’ll mostl likely have space to do so. The delay isn’t even that long. ( yes there are situations, where enemies are close and you need to snipe a stormer from miles away)

I can understand muscle memory annoyances of using the bow before and/or skipping between elf and manbow alot. I could see a toggle working, but it would require another button press.


For bosses I did a quick dps test for the ult test and full charge arrows are higher dps for headshots while light arrows are higher dps for bodyshots. I tested 0% headshots (light arrows win), 50% headshots (full charge win) and 100% (full charge win).

Normal-ish Longbow build:,3,2,6/13,1,3,7/3,2,5/1,4,2/7,2,3

  • 0% Headshots
    • Light arrows - 100-ish
    • Full charge - 80-ish
  • 50% Headshot
    • Light arrows - 150-ish
    • Full charge - 200-ish
  • 100% Headshot
    • Light arrows - 180-ish
    • Full charge - 240-ish

This was tested using the UI Tweaks dps tracker on a Bile Troll. One in the Eye seems to to tip it a little further in the full charge arrows favour.