Huntsman Longbow

After a lot of poeple complained about the “new” longbow zoom, i tried it a bit.

So… let it like it is now pls or take an option “zoom / not zoom”.

The old one was fine, but you just had a couple of seconds to shot, before it zooms in and became imprecisely. Maybe it didn´t, but it felt like that.

The new one feels much faster and smoother. I like it and it makes the elemination of enemies far away easier. It has become a better longbow in my eyes. Thx for this…

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I agree. Alot more streamlined experience.

Did they change something on the zoom?
I only noticed it’s more accurate now, which I honestly think was uncalled for - I only hoped the reduced accuracy would have had some useful bonus.
I do have a feeling that it now makes more sense to either fully zoom or quickshot on bosses now, which in my book is detrimental to the feel of the weapon.
So what changed?

It zooms when you load your arrow now.


Load your arrow first, then the zoom started. So it was even better to play without the zoom before. It took too much time and was inaccurate.

Originally, it would zoom after holding charged shot for a couple of seconds, but become incredibly imprecise. It was basically useless. So you were forced to shoot during the charge window but before the zoom.

Playing with it after the changes, the zoom timing feels the same, but I can’t compare easily now except by memory/feel. You can still easily charged shot before the zoom. It looks like they just made the accuracy while zoomed much better – as it should be. Not sure I get the complaints.

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