Krubers longbow

The longbow for kruber currently is a nightmare.
It was fine before they changed it, it was great to have no zoom to start with for a few seconds, allowed for instant tracking at close/med range
Now? Insta zoom, and after each shot zoom out, zoom back in… really messes up orinatation and general aiming (and the loss for the close range capability)
I would suggest have a “classic” aim feature by pressing middle mouse button (like with the rapier and having the pistol shot) and that switches the aim modes between the older one, and this new one.
It works for both people who dislike the new change, and keeps it default for those that do like it.

Im sure i cant be the only one who thinks this.
A full revert back to the orignal would probebly not be weclome at this point, but giving both modes would be great.
Ive over 800hrs in, and 30+170 with kruber (most with huntsman) so im not speaking out of a knee jerk reaction.


Just have a look around and use the search-function:

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Simply, every weapon should have an option on/off zoom.

i have been feeling that way about the elven longbow all along. (the only reason why it’s not my main weapon of choice actually)

the strange part is that i feel more comfortable with the instant zoom in on kruber because i’m always trying to land headshots, and that kinda helps in some situations. but yes i would rather everything not zoom too - beam staff longbows etc

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